Now in Anji…

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What is an Anji?  Anji is a city located 3 hours out side of Shanghai in China’s Zhejiang province, in the heart of Bamboo forest.

Over the past 24 hours I have been assessing the damaged caused by the snow storms that blanketed this area last January. In short the area was hit very hard. From the side of the road you see more damaged bamboo stocks than healthy ones. Since the residences are not allowed to enter the forest for another 2 months (with the hope of not damaging any of the new bamboo shoots that start to grow this time of the year) they have not been able to start their clean up.

The same cannot be said for the factories in the area, they are in full recovery mode. Just as there is damaged bamboo everywhere in the forest there is new steel girders and sheathing in every factory yard. The hope is to have the factories functional prior to the opening of the bamboo forests. Seeing that this nation was bale to complete the worlds largest airport, in Beijing, within 4 years, I have no doubt these factories will be up and ready when time comes.

Luckily Bamboo is one of the fastest growing wood products, so the stocks can recover relatively quickly, this also makes bamboo flooring a sustainable product.

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Matt Dickinson