O Christmas Tree, O Hardwood Flooring

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For many, ’tis the season for dragging a tree across your living room floor, placing it in a metal base, and watering it to keep it from drying out.  Maybe that’s not a very festive way of putting it.  But the point is, when you’ve got a real Christmas tree, it has an impact on the rest of your life too, including your floors.

Here’s an article which submits a few Christmas tree tips when you’ve got a real tree and wood flooring too.   And for good measure, there are a few tips too about controlling moisture and foot traffic that comes with having friends and family over.

Here are a few suggested the article makes:

  • Put a plastic sheet down beneath the base, so that when you water the tree, your floors won’t suffer from any spillage
  • Watch for increased ‘pet activity’, by which I mean pee.  Think about it.  You’ve put a tree in your living room.
  • To control spills, and moisture from the boots of visitors, dry mop spills as soon as they happen.

Chrismas Tree

I love Christmas, and all of the things that go with it.  But, sometimes when I think about it in a certain way, it seems absolutely absurd to put a tree in my living room.   Sometimes, I think it’s just a weird thing to want to do.  Still, as long as we’re doing it, it makes sense to get the best practices on it, like anything else.



Christmas tree image courtesy of krisdecurtis

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