Of Qi and a Paper-Shredder

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shredded paper

It’s funny how sometimes buying one little thing for your home or office can be a philosophical epiphany.

It’s the Qi of stuff and the fact that I’ve moved twice I’ve moved twice in the last 26 months that’s sparked it off for me. Both times, it was a dramatic improvement for my emotional, financial, and spiritual well-being. I can’t tell you how much those moves have changed my life. And through it ALL I have dragged the same tired-ass paperwork in boxes and bags and files.

So let me tell you about the most exciting home purchase I’ve made in quite some time: A new paper-shredder. Oh, yes.

“Nasty-ass qi”

These papers I’ve lugged reflect a bad time in my life, when debt and collectors plagued me, before I began working for myself. I’m in a different league now. Why are these obsolete debts and overdue notices littering my piles? I’m doing success wrong.

Security counts. I never got around to disposing of things safely, so I dragged it with me, despite knowing most banks will shred your stuff for free. As a result, somewhere in the recesses of my apartment is a bag holding almost everything that represents years of failure and stress. I don’t even need to see it to know it’s a black mark pulsating with nasty-ass Qi.

Paper-shredder philosophy

When it comes to beliefs, I believe in a whole lot of different ideas, since I think all cultures offer some pretty groovy thoughts. Among my beliefs is the Ancient Chinese idea of Chi or Qi. It’s the idea “lifeforce.”

As Wikipedia explains, “Concepts similar to Qi can be found in many cultures, for example, prana and cit in Hindu religion, mana in Hawaiian culture, lüng in Tibetan Buddhism, ruah in Hebrew culture, and “vital energy” in Western philosophy.”

Basically it means everything’s around us is about energy. Think about that on a big scale. If everything we do and have around us gives off a kind of energy, you want to be pretty conscious about which energy you’re choosing to keep in your presence.

For this reason, I’m pretty big on taking the time to go through everything you own before you move so you can get rid of crap that’s keeping you down. Why move to a new home and bring that bad old energy with you?

Change is good

This weekend will be a special time. I’m romancing myself with a celebratory bit of wine while shredding everything that held me back for so long. I’ll be shredding old tax years filled with bad times, old papers now unneeded. All things I don’t want anymore and haven’t wanted for years. It will be ceremonious and loud. It will be a roaring, chomping madness with my 11-page cross-cut legacy-destroying paper-shredder that was UPSed to my door and straight into my heart.

I cannot tell you enough how freeing it is to get rid of things you keep out of obligation but secretly dread the sight of. Whether it’s an ex-boyfriend in a photo of a “keepsake” day on your bookshelf or a chair that belonged to your dead granny or, yes, a bag full of old financial debt and bills you don’t need to be clinging to because you lack disposal resolve.

If you’re looking for a way to really, truly let go of your past and celebrate your present, I hate to break it to you, but dealing with your paperwork’s the best way to make it real.

Bad qi, paper clutter, and you

Do you have old paperwork that represents a dark period in your life?

What’s been your strategy in dealing with it?

Do you believe in the idea of positive and negative energy when it comes to material objects in your life

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