OFYR Grills: The Craft of Outdoor Cooking

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outdoor cooking grill

OFYR (pronounced oh-fire) Grills is the brand-new way to cooking and grilling outdoors—with a unique design for incredible versatility.

The cone-shape fire bowl has a wide, flat rim that doubles as a high-efficiency cooking surface.  Heat radiates from the center in a perfectly smooth gradient, creating a broad range of cooking temperatures on a single hotplate.  OFYR outdoor grills are simple to clean and requires virtually no maintenance. Food scraps and excess oil go straight into the fire—all you need to do is wipe the OFYR off with a damp cloth and it’s ready for the next occasion.

outdoor cooking grill

The OFYR outdoor cooking grill is a functional artwork designed to bring beauty, warmth, food and friendships to any outdoor space. More practical and stylish than a typical barbecue, OFYR’s simple, classic lines work in harmony with any setting.

Ofyr_1884-1_Hele deksel

“My OFYR grill not only looks beautiful in my garden, it has become a center of activity for parties and family gatherings,” said chef Shannon Smith.  “This summer I’ve cooked for many people, and everyone is impressed with such a unique grill.  The aroma of the wood fire is so inviting, and even better when steaks are sizzling on the OFYR surface.  I’m so happy to own the OFYR and can’t wait to discover more creative ways to use it.”

outdoor cooking grill

OFYR grills can be left outdoors and uncovered in all weather conditions. It is a high-quality product manufactured using sustainable materials in the Netherlands.

“We are delighted with our partnership OFYR International and look forward to introducing the OFYR grills to the US and Canadian market” said Steven Kovens, EVP of OFYR USA.  “Consumers are embracing the outdoor room concept, a place to relax with family, entertain friends and cook delicious meals.  That is what OFYR Grills are all about—social grilling and creating memories.”

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OFYR USA is the exclusive North American distributor of OFYR grills and accessories. The OFYR’s innovative circular design means that family and friends can take part in the cooking process, and enjoy preparing their own food while the conversation flows. For more information visit OFYRUSA.com.