¡Olé! Spice Up Your Casa With Spanish Style

Spanish style arches

Spanish style embraces bold, warm color and passionate enjoyment of life indoors and out. Here are some ways to bring a bit of ¡rayo del sol! to your space as February wears on.


If I had my way, I’d spend every day on holiday. (A girl can dream, right?)

I’ve ventured to Spain during my travels, and the culture and history runs deep. Dancing, zesty food, lively architecture, siestas. What’s not to love?

Simple colors and details can make for a sharp home, but some like it a little spicier. If you’re craving more heat in your life, it’s time to say “¡Hasta luego!” to safe home décor and design choices.

For the red-cape-waving Matadors of interior design, eye-catching details—from warm colors to arched doorways—evoke feelings of Spanish-countryside charm.

Siestas, for the win!

Instead of slogging coffee and firing off emails at 2:00 pm, we should  be snoozing away our midday meal. (In a perfect world, right?) Although post-lunch napping is largely vanishing from Spain’s workweek, siestas are historically common throughout Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. (Keepin’ the dream alive.)

Make like the Spanish and carve out a cozy siesta spot. If you live in a forgiving climate, opt for a hammock or outdoor bed shaded by trees. If rain or cold sends you running for shelter, take cover under the sheets of a daybed or futon. Or you could call in sick and go back to bed. (Sometimes my boss lets me get away with that.)

Make friends with the color red

red walls blue door Cuba

(image: Tanya Roberts)

Warm colors like red are thought to elicit feelings ranging from comfort and warmth to exhilaration.  The Spanish aren’t afraid of a little color to get their blood pumping. From walls to doors, Mediterranean-inspired hues of mustard yellow, burnt orange, and deep red are typically seen in Spanish homes.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge, add red paint to an accent wall first. Or you could start with a few red throw pillows. If you’re feeling brave, use the full box of crayons. (Just remember to color inside the lines.)

Embrace the arch

From doorways to windows, Spanish-inspired homes are filled with curved arches. If you’re up for the task, with a bit of skill—and a hammer and putty knife—you could smooth out the sharp corners in your home. If you’re not a skilled do-it-yourselfer—and dangling precariously from a ladder isn’t your cup of tea—better hire a professional.

Bring back outdoor living

It’s not patio weather yet, but springtime will be here before you know it. (Get ready to soak up the sun and fresh air!) Most Mediterranean-inspired homes feature an outdoor courtyard to sit, relax, and entertain.

To extend your living space outdoors, add comfy seating and decorative clay planters to your patio. If you don’t have a patio, maybe it’s time to build one? Let the sangria flow!

Add a touch of tile

spanish roofing

Spanish ceramic tile roofing from BuildDirect

From hand-crafted ceramics to burnt-orange clay, tile is a charming feature in many Spanish homes. If you live in a hot, arid climate, tile roofing could work for you. If you love the look of tile, but aren’t ready for a full-scale reno, opt for tile flooring in a single room, like the bathroom. Or you could feature hand-made clay pottery from a local artisan.

Take-Home Lesson

Sangria and siestas. Need I say more? The Spanish know how to live, and we could learn from them. To warm up your life, and your home, add some Spanish-influenced style. Because it may be a while before your next vacation. (I know, life’s not fair.)

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