On Remembrance Day and Veterans Day 2015

red poppies in field

It’s Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, 2015. Today we reflect on, remember, and respect those who have faced armed conflict, living and dead.


Today on Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, we remember and thank those who lost their lives in battle. We recognize the families of these people, and the holes in their lives that a loved one once occupied. We share in their sorrow. We reflect on the conflicts during which we lost them. Some of these conflicts were unavoidable and necessary to preserve our freedom. Others were not. We think on all of them with the hope that one day war of any sort will be a thing of the past.

We say “thank you” to those who faced the horrors of war and have come home with their stories. Today, we will listen to those stories and recognize their importance. We thank those returning from war for getting on with living and loving even after the terrors of war have tested them. We thank them in their time of need, with many today having to live with the bitter legacy of war that has taken a grievous toll on mind, body, and spirit.

If you are a veteran, a bereaved family member, or the descendants of those sent to war, this humble post from BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home is dedicated to you this Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, 2015.


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