Organization and Storage For Transformed Spaces In Spring

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One way to transform your space is to show clutter who’s boss. And Springtime (we’re nearly there!) is a great time to hop on that train. 

To talk about organization and storage for a springtime transformation of your spaces, writer Erik Braunitzer is here to help you outline a good starting point.


It’s time to clean out those closets and organize your home! The truth is that many people find it difficult to a lot of the time to completely re-organize. But once you have found a spot for everything to go and have arranged your space in the way that you want it, it will become less of a burden to clean thereafter.

Pick up a pen and a pad, and start making a list:

1) What you want to clean?

2) Where you want to put things?

3) How you want to do it?

Mandating daily chores can be become difficult as there’s limited time for most of us homeowners. But if you remind yourself that something needs to be done, eventually it will be.

Organizing your living room

The living room is a place where many families spend the majority of their time. Whether you’re entertaining guests, watching a movie with the family, or just reading a book and enjoying time by yourself, it’s important for this area of the home to be organized and free of clutter so that everyone can relax and have a good time.

Storage ottomans are a great furniture piece to keep in a living area because they serve multiple purposes and are available in a variety of colors and attractive patterns.

To free your shelves and tables of extra clutter, consider hanging all framed photos in an eclectic and fun cluster on the wall. In addition, a large entertainment center or bookcase may be helpful for those who own a lot of books or movies, but these pieces can also display decorative pieces such as flower vases, candles, or souvenir trinkets.

Organization and storage of your files and paper documents

With all those documents, files, and supplies lying around, it’s easy for a home office to become unorganized and chaotic. Fortunately, there are many ways to conceal clutter and store items discreetly so that you can keep a tidy environment to work in.

Many modern office desks and hutches feature more storage capabilities than ever before, and often in a very attractive presentation. For optimal organization, consider designating certain areas of the room for specific activities, such as a space for writing, another for storing important documents, and an additional spot for computer use.

Organization, and storage for the bedroom

The bedroom is another place that should be organized effectively so that you can sleep easy and not become distracted by an area that is unkempt. An easy way to create extra storage space and stow things away in a discreet manner is to utilize the under-bed space. A bed skirt will hide any items that poke out and create a polished look.

Multipurpose furniture such as trundle beds, bookcases used as nightstands, and TV’s placed on top of a chest of drawers is another easy way to create extra space. To tackle that shoe pile, consider purchasing a shoe rack that hangs over a door or any other closet organization system to make room for additional objects. It also wouldn’t hurt anything to go through all of your clothing and rid yourself of anything that is outdated or doesn’t fit.

Organization and storage is a key home improvement and style strategy

It’s amazing how a little de-cluttering can yield an extremely clean home, along with a general feeling of accomplishment, followed by relaxation. Knowing your home is organized and clean is one of the best feelings a homeowner can have.


Thanks, Erik!

Erik Braunitzer wrote this post on behalf of  Douglas Elliman, realtors for Hamptons Homes.



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