Organize Schmorganize: 7 Ways to Make Home Organization Work for You

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It’s reaching  the end of summer and you’re thinking about the rush that naturally comes in the fall. Back to school, harvest, new sports seasons for the kids, Thanksgiving… it’s all coming up more quickly than you’ve planned! You want to make things easy, and ensure that every busy day runs as smoothly as possible.

But simplifying your life doesn’t have to mean hiding everything away in labeled crates. Here’s how you can make your home extraordinary and easy during crunch time, without getting rid of everything you love.

One: start with a good old-fashioned decluttering

Get out four different boxes, and label them “garbage,” “keep,” “donate,” and “move.” While the first three boxes may make obvious sense, the “move” box can help you determine whether objects should remain in the room that they are in or relocated to another place in the house. This gives you the opportunity to create space where you need it and store objects that don’t need to stay out in plain sight.

Make it a game to try and fill up each box, and then move them to the next room until you’ve gone through the entire house. Try and think about getting rid of the kinds of objects that won’t survive until next summer, like kids’ summer clothes that you can donate or send to a consignment store.

Two: make room at the top

The top portion of your wall is often a place that is neglected. Develop some creative storage by running floating or decorative bracketed shelving around a foot and a half down from your ceiling. Use it to store older books, or run a series of living plants along the shelves for a natural, organic look. You can even use the rafters!

Three: open it up

Contrary to what most people may think, open shelving can make your kitchen seem less cluttered, not more. Open shelving means that you’ll have to spend time finding dishes that match and items that you will use on an everyday basis, rather than cramming everything into cupboards and never remembering what you have at hand. With open shelving, your countertops and wall tiles will become the center of attention, so be creative!

Four: dress it down

With open shelving on the top of your kitchen, you can try closed shelving on the bottom level, or think about something even more creative. Try gingham or linen counter skirts, either gathered or pleated or flat, that you can attach to your lower counters with velcro or ties.

Five: the hidden storage spot you’ve never considered

Speaking of shelves, have you ever thought of putting up a shelf over a door jamb? This is an effective and fast storage option for small bathrooms or bedrooms where every inch is needed.

Six: create a space for doing homework (or that project you’d like to start)

One of the biggest challenges in a busy family home is allocating space for tasks that aren’t always fun and easy. Sometimes getting children to help design their own homework space is a means to an end: the more they care about their special place, the more likely they’ll spend time there, and the easier the school year will become. The same goes for you!

If you’ve been itching to start a new hobby or go back to school yourself, you’ll feel more inspired with a space that is dedicated just for you. Try decorating the space with a large bulletin board to which you or your child can tack a poster of their favorite image, or alternate construction paper color blocks to bring life to the corner of the room.

Seven: create two spaces in one

Use bookshelves in a creative way but putting up a barrier in the room so that you can use both sides at once. Try this approach to set up two homework or office spaces, or divide your television area from the rest of the room with some innovative design.

Creativity and effort

Organizing your home doesn’t have to take a lot of work, and it doesn’t mean giving up all of the things you love and need. With a lot of creativity and very little effort, you can make your home work for you. Try some of these ideas today to make your home extraordinary, and get ready for the busy months ahead!

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