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I have a friend who loves Christmas so much she buys her gifts in August, begins playing Christmas carols in September, and starts planning her parties in October. She’s not the kind of woman to get caught without a gift for everyone on December 23rd.

My friend, bless her heart, will never need to read this post. But if you’re not as organized as she is, and if you find yourself having to catch up on gift-giving at the last minute, then you might want to keep on reading. I’ve scoured the Web (or, well, Etsy) for great home decor gifts that are inexpensive (under 50$) and great for last-minute offerings to the home decor enthusiasts you know.

Cushy cushions

I love, love, love this cushion found on the Joom store on Etsy.

There’s something feminine and yet classic about those delicate birds and flowers against a colorful background. There are several different designs and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find a color that will suit any decor.

I also fell in love with these bird-shaped pillows in a great pink-and-red color combination. They are just absolutely adorable.

I would see them in a toddler’s bedroom or the children’s playroom. One side is a soft fleece and the other is designer organic cotton. A pair will come at $50, but watch out for the shipping costs.

Treasure boxes

Everyone needs boxes. They are handy for putting things in. Like all the hairbands I leave around the apartment, for instance… What? You never know if you’re going to need a hairband in the office, the living room, the bedroom… I need a haircut. But I digress.

I find these funky upcycled boxes really interesting.

They’re made with recycled fabric and big buttons, and they come in a variety of colors (lime green anyone?). They’re perfect as gifts themselves, or as gifts with gifts in them. (But no more hairbands… I have enough of those, thank you). I can see them given to teenagers with bright colored rooms. They are $25 and the shipping costs are reasonable.

For the cooks, I found this great, simple recipe box, if you’re still the type to keep your recipes on flashcards. But you can also fill them with other things: hairbands (yes! they’re everywhere!), flashcards for that breakthrough novel you’re writing, little knickknacks, or craft materials and notions. It’d make a great box for your ribbons or your beads. And it also comes in different colors, and some with little decorations.

Eclectic clocks

Ah, the passage of time. Is it just me or time seems to go faster every year? Maybe that’s what they call “getting old”. In any case, clocks make great gifts because they are both decorative AND useful.

I really like this funny clock, with its cynical take on punctuality. I’m not the late type, but I know some people who would get a real laugh out of this one.

These recycled vinyl record clocks are meant for a niche audience, but music lovers (at least, those who won’t yell blue murder at seeing a vinyl record thus used) will definitely appreciate them. They would look great in a more masculine room, like the garage, the pool room or the home theatre.

Show off your… pics!

Remember this article by fellow BuildDirect blogger Shannon Dauphin about family pictures? Yeah, it reminded me that I have so few pictures of my family. Actually, I have none. Well, not printed anyway. Most are in my head. And some in my phone. I’m not a big photo person. So, you can give these frames to someone else. I’d like a new set of sheets. I also like wine.

I quite like this set of frames painted in a neutral, muted color.

They would show off your best pictures perfectly, and wouldn’t clash with any other colors you might use in the room. I think dark pictures, especially black and white, would look especially gorgeous in those.

This lovely set of blue and white frames would work well in a bathroom or a guest bedroom. I don’t care so much about the glass goblet thing, but it comes with the lot.


Last-minute gifts can be a challenge, but I hope that these suggestions will spark an idea for a great gift for that amateur interior decorator you know. Don’t bother with candles or dishcloths and go for the original, the unexpected and the hand-made. And you can always let me know how your gifts fared with their recipients in the comments!

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