Outbuildings That Can Redefine Your Property and Your Life

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Last week, we talked about an important trend of making the most of a property, and doing it in a way that appeals to people who live there. Specifically, we talked about porches and pavilions, and even had a handy infographic to give you some examples.

This week, we continue with this theme of maximizing property space, with another strategy that many homeowners are beginning to explore; the outbuilding. Like those screened in porches and pavilions we talked about last week, an outbuilding can come in many forms, and with different functions. Traditionally in recent years this has meant garages and garden sheds, often places where clutter tends to gather.

But even that is changing.

Here are some examples of what you could do with your own outbuilding. And at the end of this post, please take part in our poll about how you would, or do, use outbuildings to help define your life at home.

BuildDirect_YourOwnOutbuilding_v1 copy

So, there are quite a few outbuilding ideas to consider here. They certainly add visual interest to a property. But, beyond function, what else do they represent? Well, I think we’ve hit on yet another big trend and common theme when it comes to our homes beyond visuals and practicality.

Your outbuilding as a staging ground for your passions

Once again, it’s all about personality, and the activities that appeal to it. What is it that you really love to do? Whatever it is, maybe it deserves its own space, not only for some of the practical concerns (like maybe you love to play the drums, for instance), but because you’d like that personal passion to be represented  in a physical way in your home.

So, even if you’re not banging on the drum all day (as the song says), then maybe you’re painting, or reading, or sculpting. Or maybe your kids are doing it, because that’s what appeals to their personalities. Either way, an outbuilding can become a staging ground for all kinds of transformations; of your home, but also of yourselves too.

Your space as a reflection of your life

Sometimes this can be a chicken and egg kind of thing. You install and outbuilding because you love to have a place to write, do crafts,  do your gaming. But maybe that thing you’ve been putting your energy into on the side becomes something bigger because you’ve refurbished a shed or a garage, which has then become the center of that activity.

However it unfolds for you, outbuildings have a tendency to spark your imaginations about how to express yourself, and how to spend your energy. And we see again that a property becomes a home when the space itself is a reflection of who you are, and is in support of the activities you love and the connections you make with your family and friends.



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