Outdoor Breakfast Nooks: Appetizing Life Outside in Summer

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One of the great things about this time of year, besides milder weather, is the light in the morning. When it’s bright and cheery outside earlier on, you want to be out in it when you can. And, why not start with breakfast?

For that, you need a place to eat it, maybe. So, how do you create your own breakfast nook? Well, writer Jeremy Kushner is here to help get you started … 


An outdoor breakfast nook can be a wonderful addition to your landscape and your lifestyle. There’s just something about starting your day in the bright glow of the sun, with the sounds of nature all around you. An outdoor breakfast nook is a simple and inexpensive way to add some elegance to your morning.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you create your outdoor morning space.

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Take advantage of the rising sun

If possible, position your breakfast nook on the East or Southeast corner of your house or yard. This isn’t always possible or practical, but if it is you’ll most definitely get greater sun exposure.

Use patio flooring with a natural feel

A square space with plain square flooring is simply boring. Consider a semi-circle patio for your actual dining area, and place planters or flooring with an alternative design to create a path-like feel leading into and away from the breakfast nook.

Consider small bistro sets for furniture

Unless you have a large family that are likely to all eat together in your breakfast nook, try to stick to a small bistro set if possible. A single table just big enough for two and a pair of chairs create the perfect morning ambiance.

Integrate your gardening into the breakfast nook

If you’re able to grow citrus trees, having one adjacent to your breakfast nook can provide instant breakfast refreshment. You can utilize stacked flowerpots as an ice bucket.

Climbing plants such as hydrangeas can blanket building features or walls, helping create that natural feel for your breakfast nook.

Choose cushions and other décor carefully

You’ve really got two choices here: you can go with solid colors, which should all be natural colors that complement the flora around the breakfast nook. Alternatively, you can choose prints; try to match the prints to nearby flora, as well. Sunflower prints on bistro chairs with sunflowers growing behind can create a wonderful atmosphere, for example. Leafy green prints are always a safe option, as well.

Find ways to enclose your nook

While you don’t want it to be completely closed, it should create a sense of privacy. Even a wrought-iron canopy (without the canopy) can create a wonderful breakfast space. You can even install the canopy on those rainy mornings, or to use the breakfast space at another time of day.

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Integrate an exterior window

There are a number of ways you can alter an exterior window to make it feel less like the house’s inhabitants are looking at you in the breakfast nook. One of the most interesting possibilities is to switch out that plate glass for stained glass. A garden design stained glass window can add a little extra ambiance to your nook.

A well-designed breakfast nook can be the perfect place to collect your thoughts and get started for your day. Follow some of these tips to create the perfect breakfast nook that fits your style and taste.


This is a guest article written by Jeremy Kushner, who is a home security enthusiast and blogs on topics related to crime, security and home improvement. You can find more of his posts at homealarmsystems.com.

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