Outdoor Decorating Ideas

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Outdoor decorating ideas don’t have to be hard – here are five easy outdoor decor ideas that’ll make sprucing up your great outdoors a snap!


There’s never a bad season to look at adding some fresh outdoor decoration ideas to your backyard! A few outdoor design ideas and smart additions can make a big difference in just a few hours.

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1) Stay Warm

It’s easy to stay outside when the sun’s high overhead – but why limit your outdoor relaxing to the daytime? With an outdoor heater or fire table, you can keep things nice and warm well into the night. Or even enjoy your backyard in colder months. Plus, you get the added thrill of demonstrating your power over nature, which is a nice bonus.

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2) Let There Be Light

Lighting is easy to forget about when you’re decorating a space that’s usually lit by the sun. Brighten your summer evenings and create a space that you can use any time of the day or night with well-placed backyard lighting. Tuck decorative solar lights into the garden to illuminate special highlights, like a water feature or sculpture. Place low lights along pathways to guide wayward feet. Add electric lights overhead in a covered porch, or use wall-mounted lights along the side of your home. You can even install an outdoor dimmer switch for mood lighting.

3) Patio = Morning Room

Not sure what to do with your lame, boring patio? How about an outdoor morning room? Morning rooms are designed to be peaceful spaces to sip coffee, read the paper (or your smartphone) and prep yourself for the day ahead. If your patio needs a little sprucing up, you can make some easy, cost-effective upgrades with Deck Tiles, or maybe some new Outdoor Furniture. Get zen with it. Breathe. Think of your patio as a place to center yourself. It’s just like yoga or meditation. Turning your patio into an A.M. sanctuary makes spending time in your backyard more personal and intentional. Follow your bliss, you know?

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4) Re-Imagine Your Shed

That old backyard standby – the shed. Let’s be real – sheds tend to be used for storage, and then forgotten about. And then bugs move in and make it their territory. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Maybe your shed is a hobby room in waiting? Or a mini office, a place to practice guitar, an art studio, or a play area for the kids. The point is that it’s fine to use your shed for outdoor storage, but don’t be afraid to open your mind and use it as an extra room. From a design perspective, your backyard should reflect some elements of your life, just like your indoor space.

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5) Local Greens

Gardening might seem intimidating. But there’s nothing easier than putting together a private little flower bed. And here’s a little tip: think local. Local plants require low-maintenance, require less watering (and therefore less water usage). A wild species of flower or bush can be the perfect accent piece for some visual spark in your backyard.

Of course, you could always go with the ever popular herb garden! Just imagine how great dinner will taste with rosemary you grew yourself. With your own two hands. And seeds. And soil. But, mostly your hands.

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So there you have it, 5 outdoor decorating ideas to help you make your outdoor space feel like a real part of your home. You can get started on your new backyard by browsing our great selection of outdoor products at BuildDirect.com.

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