Outdoor Kitchens Fit For Celebrity Chefs

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We’ve all seen our fair share of amazing houses with fancy hobby rooms, kitchens and backyards but how often do we see hobby kitchens in the backyard? Well, the list below is a gallery of stunning outdoor kitchens that look like something you’d see on a “Celebrity Chef” edition of Cribs.

Stone & Stainless Steel

Made up of all flat stone and stainless steal and overlooking a beautiful pool with a waterfall, this elegant outdoor kitchen has ample workspace, counter tops and storage – nearly 360-degrees of luxury kitchen goodness.

Image source: http://blog.frontdoor.com/files/2009/05/outdoor-kitchen-pool.jpg

Home on the Range

Nestled somewhere in the mountains of Montana, this country kitchen with a modern edge is all the room any chef would need to grill for an army. Although it took about $24,000 to have this kitchen installed, the mountains and lake in the background coupled with the warm wood finishes make it far from pretentious.

Image source: http://outdoorkitchenpictures.com/images/outdoor-kitchen-photo.jpg

Anywhere Italy

Most people would consider Italy to be the capital of the culinary arts and while not everyone gets the chance to visit abroad, this charming outdoor kitchen has brought the streets of Venice into its own backyard. Quaint mood lighting and draping vines and greenery makes this home look like an authentic side-street Italian restaurant.

Image source: http://www.fittedkitchen.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/luxury-outdoor-kitchen.jpg

Forever Clean

While this sun-soaked kitchen lacks the vintage coziness of the Italian homestead above, its contemporary wares have their own sparkling appeal. Aside from the plasma TV, stylish ceiling fans and impressive columns, the bright white fixtures, installed with stark clean lines, are all part of what makes this kitchen never even look like it’s dirty.

Image source: http://img.diynetwork.com/DIY/2010/04/16/iStock-6072779_luxury-outdoor-kitchen_s4x3_lg.jpg

Keeping Up with the Hamptons

When you think of The Hamptons, it’s easy to picture old things – old money, old people and old fixtures; however, this elegant outdoor kitchen is decidedly modern. Although it maintains a classic edge, the black steel rafters and stainless steel appliances are a nice contemporary complement to the more traditional marble counter tops and bar stools.

Image source: http://www.hamptons.com/gallery/article/7193.jpg

Industrial Ingredients

Offering a nice contrast to the warmer and more traditional cooking centers on the list, this rugged outdoor kitchen sprinkles on a pinch of some rather raw and industrial ingredients – concrete, grout and stainless steel are all working together to make this understated installation more than meets the eye.

Image source: http://www.bbqoutfitters-southlake.com/bbqoutfitters-southlake/home_files/shapeimage_1.jpg

King of the Grill

Despite the beautifully contrasting stonework that lines the cupboard faces of this welcoming backyard kitchen, the fixture that demands attention is the enormous barbecue grill. Framed front-and-center, this 40-inch-plush mammoth is truly man’s best friend.

Image source: http://www.aboutdesigninterior.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Outdoor-Kitchen-Set.jpg

Culinary Cinema (Theater)

Rather than keep their cooking space separate from their entertainment, this one-of-a-kind outdoor kitchen actually doubles as an outdoor home theater. Featuring a 63” anti-glare HD television, multiple subwoofers, surround sound, iPod docking station and comfy weatherproof recliners, this kitchen-turned-cinema is sure to be enjoyed by all – after the dishes are done of course.

Image source: http://i.cnn.net/money/galleries/2007/pf/0707/gallery.luxury_outdoor_kitchens/images/cal_flame.jpg

The Party Patio

Here’s another stone slathered beauty but rather than being a one trick pony with just a barbecue grill and nothing else, this unique outdoor kitchen also features a sizable smoker. Couple that feature with the grill and the fountain in the background and this is one impressive patio.

Image source: http://www.bbqoutfitters-southlake.com/bbqoutfitters-southlake/Media/kitchen.gif

A Bit of Both

Coming in last but certainly not least on our list is one of our favorite outdoor kitchens we’ve ever seen – because it’s both indoor and outdoor all at once. While at first glance it might appear to be a traditional indoor kitchen with a fireplace and dining area, it’s actually an open-aired breezeway with a most lovely cottage appeal. Perfect for all occasions!

Image source: http://alt.coxnewsweb.com/cnishared/tools/shared/mediahub/04/02/79/slideshow_779024_Outdoor_7.JPG_797631.jpg

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