Outdoor Lighting and Heating: Extending Your Time Outside

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You’ve spent some time extending the potential of your property by integrating your outdoor living space with the rest of your home. So, in these warmer months, it’s time to introduce your transformed space to your friends and family. For that of course, you’ll need two essential elements: light and heat.

How do you do that stylishly, creatively, practically? 

Well, guest writer Lauren Oldland is here to touch upon some tips to get there.


Lighting in a home is essential not only for practical purposes but also as an aesthetic element to set the mood and create a positive atmosphere. Warmer weather has arrived, and with it brings cool nights outside with friends and family in your outdoor living space.  So with that in mind, here are some top tips to brighten up the exterior of the home this season using outdoor lighting, and outdoor patio heating.

Outdoor comfort after the sun goes down

There is no better time than now to invite the family and friends round to enjoy a barbeque outside in the backyard. Eating alfresco is ideal at this time of year; gather around the patio, bask in the sun’s rays and enjoy the great outdoors. But as the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean that the party should stop.

Some outdoor lighting and patio heating can ensure that the fun carries on and there are wide ranges to choose from so you can incorporate them into the garden décor. Your guests don’t have to be left standing around in the dark. With modern lighting and patio heating, you can light up your outdoor living space, and keep everyone warm too, without any loose wires running through the house outside. Use modern decorative lighting installed on posts on the edging of your deck, or fixed in the ground to be walked over, installed in between stone pavers. Spike lights are great too as they can just be pushed into the grass edges without any fuss.

Specialist outdoor solar powered lighting is another option. Not only will you be reducing your electrical bills but you will also be cutting your carbon footprint too!

Upcycled and stylish temporary outdoor lighting

In the age of recycling, there are plenty of examples of using household items to create eye-catching solutions that you don’t notice are solutions, just because they are so attractive. Jars, bottles, and even paper can be made into makeshift lanterns and fairy lights. Just apply your imaginations for the next time you plan your next gathering, and use what you’ve got to hand to make your outdoor living space into a dreamlike landscape for everyone to enjoy.

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Outdoor lighting for safety and security

Another practical aspect of outdoor lighting is the safety issue, applying to your outdoor living spaces in the backyard, but also in the front yard.

During the season that homeowners leave windows open and doors unlocked more often as they sit outside in the backyard, motion sensing light can lend a certain level of security, and peace of mind. An outdoor sensor light that turns on when alerted to movement can prove beneficial to many families when social gatherings are over as well.

Motion sensing lights for security aside, another major concern is simply being able to actually see when it gets darker. Outdoor lighting that is installed to flank steps or along paths up the porch for instance can help you and others avoid mis-stepping after the sun has gone down. And as always, steps and paths that are lit with a warm, gentle light has all kinds benefits beside their potential to avoid slips and falls.

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Outdoor lighting to light up your exteriors

You can incorporate outdoor lighting practically as well as stylishly. Lighting along the driveway is practical to illuminate the pathway to park your car but you can also light up the front door to help you find the keyhole. A light can illuminate the house number so if people find it hard to find at night time, you can display the address name or number more vividly. But there is nothing to stop you from complementing the exterior’s décor so if the front door is white PVC or a wooden brown, choose a light that will match this.

Good lighting and heating is essential

Lighting is a primary requirement in any home. As we’ve seen here, there are a lot of places to apply the use of modern lighting and outdoor heating. And luckily, along with the practical side, the addition of good lighting and innovative outdoor heating can add style, too.


Thanks, Lauren!

Lauren wrote this post on behalf of Electric Point; one of the largest electrical wholesalers in the UK.




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