4 Outdoor Lighting Tips As Days Get Shorter In Fall

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Fall has become “late fall”, and thanks to daylight savings time, the nights have become considerably longer. Coming home after dark doesn’t have to mean stumbling around while dropping keys, stubbing toes, and not being able to enjoy outdoor living. The right exterior lighting will keep you safe even after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting and other treatments to maximize light diffusion can also help to enhance the decor of your outdoor spaces, too.

Follow these stylish tips for great outdoor illumination.

1. Wall Washing

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To create a beautiful highlighting effect, use light to illuminate the front walls of your house using what’s called “wall washing“. Look for fixtures specifically designed for exterior wall coverage as they will have wide angles. A fixture designed for a wide spread of light on your walls will provide an even diffusion of illumination at night.

Place low-wattage lights, not spotlights, on the ground several feet from the walls. Angle them upward to create a gradient of light that softly bathes the walls of your house in light.

2. Add Wall Sconces

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Instead of adding a bright flood light or a bland motion sensor light to your front door area or your porch, add outdoor wall sconces instead. Choose a design that complements the exterior of your house, like adding a wrought-iron design to a traditional looking front door or porch.

You can control the kind of bulbs and lighting you put in the wall sconce, so even if you need a lot of light, the fixture doesn’t have to ruin your decor. Wall sconces come in motion sensor options, too, for your car port or parking space.

3. Install Solar Lamps


Solar lights have several advantages. First, you don’t have to worry about turning them on or off. These clever LED lights glow softly from dusk until dawn. Second, your electric bill will thank you since you don’t need to plug anything in. Solar lights come in many options, from chandeliers to short lanterns you stick in the ground along your walkways.

If you’re worried about the dark, install many of them at multiple levels and in multiple different places to maximize sun exposure and nighttime lighting. Just be sure to have a backup lighting system in place for cloudy days.

4. Use In-ground Lighting

The perfect solution for a landscaped yard is ground lighting. If you don’t want bright flood lights and don’t want to ruin your garden’s look by adding torches or lanterns, install in-ground lighting instead. Not only will it provide you light at night, but you can also use it to highlight favorite features of your garden, like trees, plants, or sculptures. An in-ground light is also a clever way to highlight columns, gates, or your house number.

Choose bright bulbs, and don’t be afraid to install a lot of lighting. That way, no matter what kind of outdoor lighting fits your space, your way will be illuminated and you’ll be able to safely navigate the area around your house, even in the darker seasons.


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