Outdoor Living & Bi-Folding Doors: Indoor/Outdoor Continuity

Creating continuity from your interiors to outdoor living spaces is a great way to make the most of your home’s potential. This is especially true in springtime, and during the upcoming summer season too, as days are longer, and the sun seems so much brighter. 

A bi-folding door door solution that can open up your space, and let in lots of cheery light to bring those colors you chose for your interiors to life. It can also serve as a practical solution when trips from the kitchen and dining areas and out onto the deck are more frequent.

To talk more about how to do this, here’s returning guest writer Nicola Winter …


A home is, or at least should be, the most comfortable and relaxing place in your life. Whether you own a spacious suburban detached house, or a cozy condominium, it is essential that you use the space you have effectively. Focusing on the interior is also important; after all, this is where you will spend most of your time. But what if your outdoor living space can be equally as appealing? Is it possible to enjoy them both at once?

Bi-folding doors open up indoor and outdoor space

There are several changes that can be made to the layout of a home that can have a massive impact on the overall look and feel of it. In many climates, bi-folding doors are ideal for bringing the outdoors, indoors. The main advantage of such doors is their ability to make a room appear much bigger and spacious than it actually is, as well as creating better access from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa.

This type of door is an innovative home design element, folding to one side and opening up an entire wall to an outdoor living space. Conventional doors will open either in to the room or outwards to the outside space, which restricts the view and fresh air entering the home. Sliding doors still restrict movement, when frequently traveling between indoor spaces and outdoor spaces is necessary.

As summer is so nearly upon us, bi-folding doors are great for creating this greater access to spectacular settings outside, and to outdoor living events with family and friends. The simplicity of the design ensures that a living area is comfortable, while also allowing for fluid access between one space and another to be more easily achieved.

Light, color, atmosphere, and bi-folding doors

It is important, especially when inviting guests over, to have rooms and spaces that instantly create a comforting, welcoming atmosphere. Many people choose to display warm colors in their living rooms to create a feeling of both warmth and comfort, while others opt for cool colors for a calming effect. Natural light and temperature also play their part in determining the aura that is felt within a home. Bi-folding doors allow for a significant amount of natural sun and daylight to be filtered into a room; a truly pleasing view that also brings those color choices to life.

Bi folding doors are available in a variety of different styles, designs and colors. This ultimately means that your existing interior design approach probably has a bi-folding door style that matches it. Although the price of bi-folding door can be something of an investment to create indoor to outdoor continuity, the cost to install them can lend all kinds of practical value in the long term, as well as an interesting conversation piece for your next indoor/outdoor gathering.

Enjoy the summer in style by implementing your very own outdoors indoors setting now in the spring.


Thanks Nicola!

Nicola Winters wrote this post on behalf of LV who provide competitive home insurance quotes and building insurance.





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