Outdoor Living in Fall, Part 2: Storage and Transitions

Close up on the Leaves Falling

At this time of year, spring cleaning becomes fall organizing – presenting the perfect opportunity to extend your outdoor living well into autumn. We’ve already seen how heaters and fireplaces prolong your outdoor room’s lifespan in part 1 of this series, and now it’s time to look at the role storage plays.

Transitioning seasons are the ideal time to get prepared for what’s to come – so it’s time to kick your organizational skills into high gear! To help get you going, here are a few tips and tricks on clever storage that keep functionality, beauty and (of course) autumn, in mind.

The transition

One of the trickiest parts of preparing your space for fall is finding a place for all of those miscellaneous outdoor items you will no longer be using – anything from hoses and sprinklers to yard tools. Try a collapsible storage unit to provide extra protection and keep all of your belongings neatly tucked away in one place.

These are great for storing items throughout the winter as they are easy to move and stow away. Give each item a thorough clean before storing them to avoid mildew, mold and other unwanted damage. Once the hot weather rolls around again, your items will look and – more importantly – work just as well as when you put them away.

Storage that looks great

Color and style might not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think about storage, but it is important to consider when creating your outdoor living space. You want your storage pieces to add to the décor, not take away from it – so to really get your outdoor space fall ready, embrace the colors of autumn!

Neutrals, browns and warm tones are great choices to celebrate the autumn season. Storage pieces that come in a variety of colors are ideal for adding your own personal touch and achieving that cozy feeling that will make you want to spend time outdoors. But remember, practicality is just as important as looking great. Which brings me to my next point…

Don’t weather away

Functional and smart storage is essential for fall outdoor living – you want to easily access your belongings while still protecting them from the harsher conditions. Deck boxes are a great storage option as they have a large capacity to store belongings, but can withstand the outdoor elements.

This is one of the most important factors for outdoor storage units – they need to be made of weather resistant materials. Look for materials such as all weather wicker that has been designed with style and functionality in mind; this way the product won’t fade, decay or warp. So, don’t fret about keeping that cozy blanket outside – just pop it into your deck box and you’ll be golden, just like the changing autumn leaves.

Change it up

You may have to change the layout of your outdoor space to make it functional for fall. Whether you are losing uncovered outdoor living space or simply moving/adding furniture (perhaps a heater or fire table), you need to use your space wisely. Multi-purpose storage pieces are great for using space efficiently.

deck box

Deck boxes for pillows, kids toys, outdoor rugs storage, and more

Think about what your outdoor space is lacking. Need more table space? Invest in a storage piece with a sturdy foundation and frame that would be great for placing trays, candles, winter potted plants, or any other decorative piece. Deck boxes are a great way to create additional surface area without compromising storage.

Transition complete

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to outdoor storage in the fall – everything from weather, functionality and style. But all the organizing and preparing is worth it to get the most out of your outdoor space. Once you’re done, it might not feel so bad to switch your cool glass of lemonade to a warm cup of apple cider. Enjoy the outdoors!

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