Outdoor Offices: 5 Essential Elements For Enjoyment & Success

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Last week, Steffani Cameron talked about the 21st century shift that has shown more and more of us who work from home, with a few examples of stylish home offices set outdoors, or in outbuildings. And even before that, Anabelle Bernard Fournier wrote about her own experience as someone who works from home in a space dedicated to that activity.

Part of what drives this is trend is available technology. But, another force at work is the need to achieve separation between a workspace, and home life. Because balance between these areas is not only a hallmark of good design. It’s also a key goal in a peaceful, enjoyable life all around.

As a sort of unofficial follow-up to that post, here’s a visual guide to setting up a home office, particularly one that is designed to be integrated into an outdoor space, or an outbuilding. What do you need to create a space like this? What are the bare essentials of an outdoor office?

Take a look here at 5 such essentials of an outdoor workspace.


Here are some follow up questions, everyone.

  • Are you thinking of setting up a home office like this? Have you already got one?
  • Do you see yourself being more or less productive in a space like this?
  • How do you think an outdoor office could positively affect your life?
  • What barriers to creating a space like this aren’t accounted for here? What are the solutions?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!


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