Outdoor Rooms and Indoor Rooms Connected

Taking charge of your space, and redefining it according to your needs is a huge theme and trend for the 21st Century homeowner.

One big thread through this is your outdoor living space, specifically tying it to the rest of your home. The 20th Century assumption that a yard, porch, deck is somehow separate from your indoor space is changing. Now, people are creating full-fledged outdoor rooms in their backyards, on their porches, and even in side yards.

Creating continuity between these various spaces can seem like a big task.  But, this is where your design instincts come into play. Varied textures and materials can help you to make the thematic connections you need to make from indoors and outdoors. This is particularly true for the outdoor room you’re thinking about.

Ideas to create continuity from indoors to outdoor rooms

Thinking about installing stone vaneer panels indoors near the sliding doors to your deck area? Why not install them both indoors and out to connect the two spaces? Have you got a color scheme in place in a living room that looks out onto a porch area? Why not add outdoor furniture, and parallel accent colors using pillows, table cloths, wall hangings, awnings? And what about paths from indoors to outdoors created by area rugs, runners, and outdoor mats that are tied together by theme, color, or texture?

There are a lot of options to create this kind of continuity between an indoor space and an outdoor one.

New ideas to add to outdoor rooms from BuildDirect

As it happens, we at BuildDirect have created a lot of momentum for the summer season coming up in terms of some of the products that may help you get where you’re going. This includes some of the materials featured in our past Back to the Backyard sale, on which you can still get phenomenal pricing, including fencing, deck tiles,  and siding.

London Bistro outdoor furniture from BuildDirect

Our most recent launches included new sets of outdoor furniture that includes the Kontiki London dining outdoor furniture set and the London Bistro set (explore those links to learn more!).  The good news is that even more sets which we’ve never featured before are on their way in the next week or two.

We’ll keep you updated!

In the meantime, have fun in your journey to connect your indoor living spaces with your outdoor living spaces! It’s not as hard, or as expensive, as you may think.



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