Outdoor Rooms, Outdoor Area Rugs

The 21st Century homeowner makes her own rules. And one of the trends we’ve seen emerge from this, especially as the weather’s got warmer, is the phenomenon of outdoor rooms.

We’ve talked quite a bit about it here on this blog, because we love the idea of taking the traditional split between indoors and outdoors, and chucking it out in favor of a more complete vision of what a home can mean in terms of how to maximize space. Who needs division when you can have continuity instead? There’s also the business of reclaiming your outdoor space as a place to conduct your life in, not just when you have people over, but when you want to relax, read a book, drink a glass of wine, and just be.

Outdoor room elements – comfort, texture, contrast

But, like rooms in your indoor space, there are elements to consider to make it more comfortable, outside of your choices in decking, or patio pavers. And beyond the comfort question, there is also the business of how to make an outdoor room pop. Just as you would with your indoor rooms, the concept of contrast can really bring your outdoor living space to life.  That contrast can be about color. But, it can also be about texture, too.

Zoning an outdoor room

Another aspect of an outdoor room is the idea of creating a zone, without interrupting the flow that you’re trying to create. Because continuity is the whole point, right? Still, if you’re looking to create a section of your deck and patio design for a contemplative space like a morning room, while also maintaining an area that is designed to be more social, the concept of zoning is a useful one. For this, contrast and subtle texture differences are paramount to mark where one zone ends and another begins. This can be a challenge, when you’re also trying to create a sense of flow. So, what’s a good way to achieve it?

Area rugs design for outdoor living

All of this of course is leading up to talking about area rugs that are specifically design to flourish in outdoor spaces. With this kind of surface on a patio or deck, you’d need it to look great, be comfortable to walk on, and be resistant to the elements.

These area rugs from BuildDirect are made from 100% all-weather polypropylene, making it water-resistant and very easy to clean. Also, they are available in 5 styles and colors.

Related to the outdoor area rug line, we’ve also launched a line of area rugs made from recycled paper, among other materials. These ones aren’t for outdoors. But, if you’re looking for a stylish, and (as they say) eco-friendly area rug, this selection is worth putting on your list of possibles to help create those same zones in an indoor space, and then tie it to the same strategy you’ve got going in an outdoor one.

For all of the points I’ve brought up here about creating stylistic continuity between outdoor rooms and indoor ones, about texture, color, and the function and form of zoning an outdoor living space, a sturdy area rug may be the answer.

Your thoughts on outdoor rooms

What’s your approach with creating outdoor spaces? What kinds of design strategies have you worked out to build continuity and comfort?

Tell me all about it in the comments section!



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