Outdoor Shower Ideas For Summer

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Showering outdoors can be a necessity or to commune with nature. Get inspired with these ideas!


What comes to mind when you think of an outdoor shower? A solar shower attached to a tree at your campsite? The shower tents on M*A*S*H? A pool house with a changing room?

Some outdoor showers are purely functional. At the beach, they are a necessity to rinse off sand before entering the house. Maybe kids and dogs need to be washed before coming inside. Other showers might be the means to be outside as much as possible.

Planning your outdoor shower

Outdoor showerBefore doing any planning, consult your building codes and covenants to see what’s allowed. With a go-ahead, make a budget. What can you afford? You can spend $25 or $25,000.

With a budget in place, choose a good location. Your budget might actually determine this.

Consider the privacy needs of the people who are going to use it. Will you need a full or partial enclosure, or none at all? Remember to take your neighbors into consideration as well.

Most showers are conveniently placed near an entryway, so you can shower and go inside to change. You might also want to put it close to where there is plumbing already, such as a laundry room or kitchen. This is an inexpensive solution. It will cost more to put your outdoor shower far from the house out in your yard.

Building materials

Enclosures should be weather proof, of course. Metal, cedar, teak and stone are appropriate choices. There should be adequate ventilation to allow the area to dry out in between uses.

Flooring materials should be non-skid of stone, teak, cedar, or composite or synthetic decking material. There also needs to be drainage. A shallow drainage pit filled with gravel will slowly carry the grey water away. A more expensive option is to tie it into your sewer system, and your building code may require it.

For a conservative feel, use the same style and architectural elements as the main house. Or be bold and creative with whimsy and color! An outdoor shower is a fun, and often just seasonal. Make the most of it!

Fixtures should be weather resistant stainless steel, brass, or copper. The elements will give them a beautiful patina.

You can buy a one-piece kit shower from a building supply company or outdoor outfitters. Avoid the hassle of building, and move it to any location where there is a hose. You can take it when you move, too!

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Remember to add hooks for bathing suits, towels, and a change of clothes. Put them inside the shower, so no one runs off with them and leaves you to prance around naked! Unless you want to, of course…

Build in shelves for soap and shampoo. Consider a bench for sitting and washing in the shower.

Cover the structure with scented, flowering vines. That sounds heavenly to me!

Pipe in music. No need to sing alone!

For night time showers, install lighting. Or not. The moon and stars are lovely to shower by!

11 inspiring ideas for outdoor showers

An outdoor shower can be anything from a simple DIY project to an architect designed addition to the house. Here are 11 ideas to inspire you.

This solar shower is quite a bit more sophisticated than a camp shower.

Build your own over the weekend.

Take advantage of the views.

A simple showerhead and faucet on the side of a country style home has a rustic feel.

Extend the indoor bathroom outdoors – shower before coming in to take a shower!

The shower can blend with the landscape.

Consider a kit shower that can be taken apart and stored for winter, or moved to a new location.

A bench has been added for seating in the shower.

All natural materials and attractive drainage.

Seamlessly blend the shower with the home’s architecture.

Corrugated tin backdrop in a private spot away from the neighbors’ eyes.

No matter what your imagination conjures up, there is nothing like showering outdoors under the blue sky or twinkling stars.

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