Outside In: Home Design Additions To Bring Nature Indoors

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bring nature indoors

Connecting with nature using home decor is a great way to create continuity between interiors and exteriors. Here are some places to start to bring nature indoors in your home design.


We are a part of nature. But in our civilized lives, sometimes it’s hard to remember that, and to remember how rejuvenated we feel when we incorporate regular interactions with nature into our lives. So why not bring a piece of nature indoors?

If you spend a lot of time indoors you may find yourself missing that sense of connection. To help combat the indoor blues when you can’t get outside, change up your decor to incorporate elements that evoke the outdoors. Not only will you bring a new, cohesive design aesthetic to your living space, you’ll find peace and tranquillity in your new blend of inside and outside.

A Guide on How to Bring Nature Indoors

Wood and stone flooring

Give your home a more natural feel with wood floors. Hardwood is beautiful, but you don’t have to limit yourself in that category. Consider bamboo or cork for your living room, and think about stone tiles in your bathroom and kitchen.

Wood floors and stone tile inspire a cozy ambience, with grain patterns, character marks, and natural color spectrums. They remind us of our relationship with nature, with wood and stone being primary building materials that we’ve counted on since civilization began.

bring nature indoors

Wall textures that mimic nature

One of the most enchanting things about the outdoors is the texture differentiation. To liven up flat interior walls, consider using wood or stone on an accent wall. Wallpaper is available that mimics these textures, but to truly invigorate your home with the spirit of the outdoors, get a wall treatment that’s actually textured. Lightweight products like stone veneer siding can be great solutions for natural stone surfaces.

bring nature indoors

Natural imagery

Images of all kinds help to evoke an atmosphere. When it comes to nature, consider paintings, photography, even fabrics that depict or suggest natural imagery and color patterns. We respond to these elements in an instinctual way. So, even the subtlest image can give us the impression of being out in nature.

The point of this, just like other items you’ll find here, is to get that sense of connection to the natural world. Great images of nature in fine detail or in broad colors and patterns can kick-start the most important tool anyone interested in design has at their disposal; the human imagination.

Natural light

When you have more daylight in your space, that natural connection is stronger. It can even have a positive effect on your mood, just like the presence of nature in your space in general. Ways and means to achieve more natural light in your space can be as involved as installing a skylight, or as simple as changing your window coverings as seasons change.

You’re the best person to make those decisions, of course. But, whatever the method, inviting natural light in place of cold overhead lighting into your space is not only a way to create a sense of connection with nature, but also a way to boost your health, mental as well as physical.

Nature’s accents

When adding the finishing touches to your interior decor, look for natural accents. Sea shells, sea stars, and sand dollars make beautiful bathroom accents. Branches, dried pussy willow, or unusual rocks look great on mantelpieces or arranged on end tables.

You may even be a fan of antlers or faux fur rugs, depending on what fits with your surrounding décor. Whatever you choose, these elements can tie your room’s theme together and will remind you of the outdoors every time you look at them and is a simple way to bring nature indoors.

bring nature indoors

Pops of color

Not everything you use to evoke the outdoors needs to actually come from the outdoors. The colors you choose for your décor are as important as the other elements you use when you want to bring nature indoors to your home design. Greens and browns bring a wonderful forest feeling to any room, while blues and pale yellows belong to a beach ambiance. Patterns on curtains, throw pillows, or wall decals are equally as useful. Go for butterflies, flowers, leaf patterns, or your own favorite outdoor images.

bring nature indoors

Living things

You may be the sort of person who loves to have a fresh bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table every week, or perhaps the kind who loves to have live potted plants all around the house. Either way, a wonderful tactic for getting nature inside is to put a few (or many!) plants around the house. If you can’t ever remember to water them, get a cactus. Or go for dried flowers in a pretty vase as a nicely scented accent piece.

bring nature indoors

The right windows and doors

Sometimes that connection to nature in our interiors is about access to it. With the right windows and doors, you can blur the lines between outdoors and in, and create a stronger bond with the natural world while you do it. If you’re able to see outside easily from more vantage points on the inside thanks to new windows and doors, then that reminder that you are a part of nature is all the more powerful.

Create continuity between outdoors and in

That’s the underlying principle behind all of this. Creating a sense of continuity with the help of decor, and even structural changes that allow for better access to the outdoors is the key to making a connection with the natural world while at home.

Introduce a natural calm into your living space when you decorate with nature in mind. Let all the vibrant colors, textures, and images in nature provide you with inspiration and direction when you embark on this project of bringing nature indoors.

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