Pantone Announces Color Of The Year 2015: Marsala

glass of red wine marsala color

Marsala, a rich and earthy red-brown, is 2015’s color of the year. How does it fit home decor?


Last year, Radiant Orchid surprised quite a few fashion mavens and decoration gurus. Another bright color after Emerald in 2013?

So all bets were off for the announcement of 2015 color of the year.

And the winner is…

In early December, as is the tradition, Pantone announced 2015’s color of the year: marsala

A warm red-brown, Marsala gets its name from the Sicilian fortified wine. It’s a bold neutral that fits with both cool (turquoise, teal, vibrant blue) and warm (amber, golden yellow) shades. But it is especially at home with other neutrals, especially greys.

In contrast with the bright colors of past years, Marsala is a grounding organic shade that is linked with the soil, with good food and with good company. It is extremely versatile and fits both feminine and masculine decors.

Read more about Marsala from Pantone’s website.

Marsala in your home

Marsala will make any space comfortable and welcoming. It has a touch of sunny that reminds you of Mexican casas, or villas in the south of Italy.

Pair it with cream and earthy browns, like the living room above, to make a warm and inviting space for the whole family.

Or use it in the bathroom for a different take on a space that is too often characterized by colors linked to cleanliness and sterility, like white, grey, pale green and blue.

It suits traditional tastes…

…and much more modern ones.

Design with Marsala

Such a bold color might seem a bit too much for people with more timid tastes, but that’s no reason not to use Marsala in your home decor. If you’re not quite ready to paint all your walls in this gorgeous color, you can always use it in subtle touches. Its versatility makes it suitable for almost any color palette.

A carpet and a chair or two: that’s all you need to bring a pop of Marsala in your living space.

Here, you can see Marsala used in the cushions and accessories and repeated in the darker bricks of the fireplace.

As a main color, Marsala is bold but not overwhelming:

Plenty of cream and white provide balance to this cozy bedroom.

You can also use it on an accent wall to bring out other features of your decor:

The creamy fireplace wall pops out against this Marsala wall.

Earthy Marsala fits beautifully with ethnic-inspired decors.

Want a super-stylish contemporary office? Marsala fits the bill.

Embrace the earth

I think if there is one thing Marsala asks of us this year, it’s to embrace the earth and to renew with the simple pleasures of homemade food and good wine. While last year was all about sophistication and ebullience, this year we can reap the fruits of our labour and enjoy replenishing downtime with our family and friends.

Marsala encourages us to spend more time at home, to host house parties, to cook our own meals and to take up gardening.

What do you think about 2015’s Color of the Year? Do you have plans to integrate Marsala in your home decor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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