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Well, last week was a doozy, what with the launch of the first episode of  BuildDirect’s Big Idea. I was (and AM) pretty involved with that, so I missed publishing last week’s installment of our Patio Remodel series. So, I’ve bumped it to today. I hope you guys don’t mind!

This week for our budget, we’re working with a grand  – double the budget of our first installment. With the first installment, we were mostly concerned with setting the scene, and starting the wheels turning about how we envisioned an empty outdoor space into something that can be connected with the rest of a property. What does this installment have in store?

Take a look!


Patio spaces that connect

As mentioned in the first installment, there are a number of possible choices when it comes to planning a patio remodel. It depends on what kind of space you have in mind, and what kinds of activities you’re planning on engaging in while in it. So, this graphic (and all the others) are of course totally subjective. But, one thing that unites any patio remodel is in the creation of a space that connects with the context of your whole property. This can be literal, as well as symbolic, of course.

For instance, when you’ve got dark hardwood flooring in the space that leads out to an outdoor space, maybe that will have some bearing on your choice of decking boards. It’s that sense of continuity that helps you connect an outdoor space with that of your interior. The same goes with things like fabrics. That umbrella you’ve chosen to keep blazing sun exposure to a minimum may be the same color as your favorite chair that looks out onto your patio space. These are subtle connections, maybe. But, as we’ve learned, it’s the subtleties that often lend the greatest effects.

Comfort is a mandate

There are some things that you’ll enjoy in an outdoor space that you won’t in an indoor one. But, the common feature in any space that hosts human activity over long periods is that of comfort. So, with a budget of $1000, basics like light and heat are great places to start.

Starter level firepits and lighting help to bridge the gap.  The real goal of course is that of extending your time in an outdoor space, so that even when the sun goes down and it gets a bit cooler, , those levels of comfort you begin to establish that vital sense of comfort in an outdoor living space. The same goes for when that sun is high, and you need something functional. and stylish, to keep the sun off more efficiently.

Moving toward full “room” status

You can kind of see a thread forming even this early on in the series, right? Comfort, and connection with a whole property are just the beginning when you’re planning a patio remodel. What we’re really moving toward is creating a patio space that is becoming more and more like an actual room, rather than just a pale imitation of one that was so prevalent in the 20th century.

How will this pan out as our budgets for patio remodels get larger?

Hmmmm. Best tune in to next week’s installment!



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