Patio Remodel 3000

Right – back on track with our patio remodel budget series! Once again, the launch of our Find It. Keep It. program sidetracked me last week on the next installment of the series. The upshot though was that some of our site visitors to the new products page on got some free flooring. That was worth missing a post for, I think.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, which is our patio space. This week our budget is up once again; $3000.

What can you get for that kind of money in an outdoor living space? Well, here’s one possible scenario.


Self-contained patio spaces

The main goal to the creation of a patio space is to connect an outdoor area with the rest of a property. It’s one of the main ideas that we’ve been moving toward with this series We’re also moving toward the planning of a space that is very deliberately appealing to a design vision that makes the space vital on its own. As a result, with a space on this budgetary level, the area we’ve been planning has becoming more and more self-contained. So even though it may well fit in stylistically with an interior space, it’s also a place where you’re likely to spend more time, because everything you need is included.

For instance a pergola, and plants are added to the above. But, however you plan it, the main goal is to create a space that is more like a room, rather than just a flat open space with no definition. This room provides shelter from the elements, and a greater element of privacy, too. These are basics ideas of course. But, the basics are important whatever your budget may be. And once again, with these in place, you’re more likely to spend more time in your outdoor living space as a result.

Varied textures

Function is important of course. But, we need variety in our lives to keep things interesting. This means appealing to the senses. With a patio remodel at this level, you’re freed up to do this. A lot of this is very subtle, which often makes the biggest difference. The wicker furniture, the canvas cushions, the smooth surfaces (or more rough-hewn ones – your choice!) of natural stone pavers, all have a part to play.

This can certainly work on a visual level. But, it works on a tactile one as well. This sense of variety is incredibly important to our key mandates for an outdoor living space; comfort, and connection to real human activity.

Inside the great outdoors

With any patio remodel, we’re looking to optimize enjoyment in the outdoors. It’s a beautiful world out there. When the weather’s nice, we want to be out in it. Creating a space that feels like a room might seem kind of counter-intuitive to that, I guess. But, in some ways it’s not about walling yourself in so much as giving yourself a base for all of the things you want to do outside that don’t require walls.

Next week (really!) we’ll see what happens when we take this approach, and add a bigger budget.



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