Patio Remodel 5000

Here it is – our final episode in the patio remodel budget series!

As we’ve discovered along the way, the creation of an outdoor living space can vary, regardless of your budget. This is because everyone has a different idea of what they’re looking for, with some commonalities in there too of course. But, the size of your budget is about how far in a certain direction you can take.

Here’s one possible scenario for a $5000 budget – big money!



Structures or toys: you decide

For a number of patio remodels that have served as examples in this series of ours, some of the layouts have emphasized decks, privacy barriers, pergolas. These are structural additions that help to create a space that feels more like a room. But, sometimes you want to spend you cash on things that are more about the activities that are common to an outdoor living space, with the structural elements being more about keeping things open, rather than contained.

In the above example, we see that it’s the grill that wins the day, split with the pergola. So, there’s a pretty good balance struck here. So, even at a bigger budget, there is something to be said for striking a balance of your own, whatever it happens to be, as measured against what you’re defining personally as your own patio space.

Patio as a defined location

Again, this principle really goes beyond what your budget happens to be. But, what this whole exercise has been about has been the creation of a space where it’s  worthwhile spending your time. Any decisions you make around how to improve it, add to it, modify it, should be informed by what this means to you.

We’ve explored a number of ideas that have focused on comfort, continuity with other spaces in your property, and in addressing real human activity that is likely to happen in a space. All of these help to determine a defined space that adds value – not just to prospective buyers in the future, but to your own enjoyment of a space in the present. Ultimately, it’s the present that counts.

Memories of patios past

Yet, the past has a part to play too. For many, a patio remodel budget and decisions made around spending it stem from memories of time spent in outdoor living spaces of the past. Maybe it was the one at your parents’ house, or one you visited as a kid. Maybe it was a vacation you were once on that had a great poolside atmosphere. Whatever it was, this can feed ideas of your own for how you want your own space to turn out.

In the end, like in any remodeling project, we’re on a quest to go home again. The money you’ve got on hand to do it, as always,  is just a means to that end.

Thanks for tuning in to this series! I hope you enjoyed it!

If you’ve got stories of your own patio remodels, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Otherwise,



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