Personal Notes from Turkey

Ok, so as to not make this completely work related and to add a bit of information for you guys that have never been to Turkey, I am going to add some personal notes each day as well. Hopefully some personal, travel related video as well. Tomorrow I will give you a tour of my hotel Lycus River and its thermal springs, but for today, just a few photos and notes.

First thing I noticed today is that Turks LOVE tea. I must have had 10 or 15 small cups of tea today. It seems every desk in every office and every table everywhere has a bowl full of ABC sugar cubes on it.  This picture shows a couple of teas. Mine is the dark, the others are steeped thyme. The Turks swear their tea is better than English tea because of the preparation. Here they boil the water with the tea in it already as opposed to simply dipping the tea bag into already hot or boiling water. My friends Mehmet and Fatih tell me that the steeped thyme is something they drink to help fight off a cold.

Tea Time...AGAIN!

The next thing I have to tell you about is Tost. If you get a chance, you MUST try it! It is basically a grilled sandwich like a panini, kind of sort of, filled with sliced hard boiled eggs, cheese, salami, and a tomato paste. It is also served with a bowl of grilled hot peppers and pickles. This wasn’t ours, ours wasn’t this fancy and was probably better as a result. Notice, of course, the tea.

We got this in a small town by the quarry called Kocabas. My friend Sukru tells me, literally translated into English it means “Huge Head”. So if you happen to find yourself in Huge Head (Kocabas) in the Denizli region of Turkey and see this sign, stop and have a Tost. You wont regret it.

Huge Head Tost

And on a final note, I ended last night watching Mean Girls. It turns out, you can enjoy falling asleep to Lindsay Lohan in any language!

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