Picking the Perfect Fence for Your Backyard

Fencing in your backyard, no matter how big it is, is a large and costly project. If you choose the right style of fencing, you will be happy for years to come. However, if you select a style of fence that does not meet your needs now or may not in the future, you will lament your decision every time you see it. When shopping for a fence there are some key questions to ask of yourself and the store or contractor from which you are purchasing the pieces.

Why am I planning a fence for my backyard?

This is the most basic question, but can narrow down your fence choices immediately. If you are fencing in the yard for decoration or to simply define a property line, a metal fence or low wooden fence might be all that you need. Fencing for privacy is a different matter and will require a fence design that is close together and usually six and a half to seven feet high.

If you want to fence in the yard to keep your children or dogs safe, a tall fence with an attractive design may be a good choice for your yard. Narrowing down what you do not want in a fence makes it much easier to determine what you do want in it.

What fence material do I prefer?

Today’s fences are made from wood, plastic, and vinyl. Wooden fences have a traditional look to them and are great for complimenting an older or historic home. Wooden fences come in a variety of different woods and designs. They can have a design or be more of a traditional picket-post style. While wooden fences look good, they are more prone to warping and rotting than their plastic or vinyl counterparts.

Plastic and vinyl fences have come a long way and many homeowners prefer them for the ease of cleaning and maintaining. Like wooden fences, they come in varying lengths, heights, styles, and designs to match a variety of different home styles and fencing needs. Be sure to inquire about warranties and product claims before purchasing any type of fencing material.

How high does the fence need to be?

This question is one of the most important, because it will play a large part in the cost of your project. Lower fences are generally less expensive, while taller fences are more costly. Do not let price interfere with the reason why you are fencing in the yard though.

If you want a fence to keep children and dogs in, it should be higher than a low four foot fence. While a four foot fence would keep the children in, it may be low enough for the dog to jump over. If you live on a corner or have a sidewalk that runs along the length of your backyard, it is probably a better idea to have a tall fence for both safety and privacy from passersby.

Finding the right fence for your needs may take some time

With the wide variety of options available, it is important to find the fence that is going to best meet your needs. When you take the time to evaluate what you really need and want, both now and in the future, you are sure to find the fence that is right for you.

This article was written by Jessica Ackerman of WallDecorandHomeAccents.com – your best online source for metal wall sculptures and wood wall decor.

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