5 ‘Pink’ Interior Design Surfaces For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Today’s guest post is from our friend Catherine Avery of Avery Design Interiors, a Fairfield County based interior design firm specializing in relaxed yet elegant family friendly interiors. In this post, Catherine talks about building materials that can add flair to your space, and can stand symbolically for a good cause too; Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How will she do that exactly? Read on!


My grandmother had breast cancer. Three of my girl friends are breast cancer survivors. The month of October for me is not the oranges and yellows of fall as much as it is the pink of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I thought nothing could be more challenging than to ‘think pink’ here at BuildDirect, but I was wrong. Below are five ways to incorporate pink into your home without going over the top and oh so girly. After all we don’t want to alienate the men in our lives.

Maple Hardwood Flooring
This sleek modern grey kitchen is warmed up with the addition of maple flooring, with pink as a part of the wood’s natural color spectrum. The upside to hardwood flooring in a kitchen is it is much easier on your knees and back than tile or stone when you are standing for long periods at the stove or kitchen sink. The downside can be water spots. Builddirect says “Avoid excessive water. Use mats to protect against spills. If a spill occurs, blot it up immediately with a dry cloth or slightly damp mop.”

‘Rojo Alicante’ Marble Tile
Nothing says elegant quite like marble. This Rojo Alicante marble tile makes for a beautiful and sophisticated back drop to this bath. It’s best to seal marble and to be sure to clean up spills right away. Marble is an extremely durable product as long as you keep up with basic maintenance.

‘Seashell’ Quartz Countertops For Kitchens
This quartz countertop in Seashell glows with the slightest undertone of pink and provides great warm contrast to the dark contemporary kitchen. Quartz slabs are a great choice for kitchen counters as they are ultra-durable, scratch resistant and require little maintenance.

Travertine Tile
The beauty of travertine is the great variety of color in the stone. You can have your hint of pink and tone it with some beige and gold. There’s a zen-like spa tranquility to a vessel sink. Travertine is a natural stone product and can be reactive with the acids in vinegar or orange juice. So if you love travertine, be sure to seal it properly, and see to spills of these kinds of materials right away.

Glass Tile
How does one choose between a glass mosaic named ‘Sensitivity’ or ‘Happiness’? They are both beautiful variations on the pink theme.

‘Sensitivity’ glass tile

‘Happiness’ glass tile

Glass tiles are great in a bath as they will not fade and are durable and moisture resistant. I prefer glass tiles used as an accent – as a focal wall,  “architectural” trim or on the floor. If you wish to use glass tiles on a floor, be sure to verify that the tiles are slip-resistant. Always be sure to let your contractor and Builddirect.com know where you are planning to use your glass tile. They will be delighted to help you with any specification or installation instructions.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Hope you enjoyed this visit in the pink at BuildDirect. Follow Avery Design Interiors at our Relaxed Elegance blog for more pink posts throughout the month.

The true power of social media is the ability to do so much for so many causes, to spread the word quickly and effectively. We each can make a difference.

What can you do to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness?

1. You can add a twibbon to your Twitter avatar.

2. Each time you tweet about breast cancer awareness, add the hashtag #pinkPROJECT and Puma will donate $1 per tweet up to $25,000 to Breast Cancer.

3. You can donate to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

4. You can Drink Pink on Facebook with Delta to fight breast cancer.

5. If you live in or near New York or Charlotte, you can walk with Avon.

6. All across the country, you can walk 60 miles in 3 days with Susan G. Komen. Check the link for the city nearest you.


Thanks, Catherine!

You can read more of Catherine’s blog posts about interior design in her Relaxed Elegance blog.  And be sure to follow Catherine at averydesign on Twitter.

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