Planning An Outdoor Kitchen

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Having all the necessary items in place to begin entertaining outside can be a large task. When entertaining outside you need to consider how you will be doing that, what kind of entertaining you will be doing, and what items you should have to make these events more enjoyable.

The best thing to have for those that enjoy their friends and family, and the great fresh air that spring brings, is by keeping all the events outside. This means cooking, drinks, seating and games if that is what you enjoy. Some people like to even watch television when there is a big game on. Having an outdoor kitchen can be the ticket to making this all happen very smoothly.

An outdoor kitchen for maximum use and convenience

Believe it or not, many people find that they use their outdoor kitchen more during spring through fall than they do their indoor kitchen. The reason for this is that the fresh air brings an excitement to cook and be part of nature. The advantages of outdoor kitchens is that all the food storage can be kept right by where the cooking will take place. Friends and family can feel comfortable in the outdoor extension of your home that you’ve created, including at meal times.

Making the hassle of taking things from indoors to outdoors, and running back and forth a thing of the past. Many outdoor kitchens come in pieces, which means that assembly is a snap, and many run on propane, so fuel is self-contained. Also, the cost of cooling your interiors in summer months is greatly reduced, what with all of the cooking now done out of doors.

Planning outdoor kitchens

Here is a list of amenities that many kitchens feature:

  • Cook top
  • BBQ
  • Refrigerator
  • Beer cooler
  • Sink
  • Open oven
  • Counter space
  • Chopping blocks
  • Veggie storage

These items are the difference between comfortable entertaining, and exceptional entertaining. You could prepare anything from BBQ to pasta dishes all in one space, without having to set foot indoors. Outdoor kitchens also come with options for wine racks, trash compactors and even dishwashers. It’s about having the necessities of a functioning kitchen at your fingertips in your yard.

Popular surfaces in an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens come with many options of materials that can be used for the perfect look you desire. For instance, they can come with the following types of finished products:


Tiles can be used to complete the entire back area that would be visible to your guests. This can be done using ceramic tiles, like you would see on counter tops, or more decorative tiles like travertine tile or marble. This helps create a solid look that is low maintenance and easy to clean.

Stack stone

Stack stone is actually a veneer that is used to cover the surface. It gives the appearance of three-inch thick stones being stacked together to create the counters and cooking areas. This type of product requires very little maintenance and cleaning. These products are guaranteed to last as long as your kitchen and can handle weather exposure


Stucco is a way to make the outdoor kitchen match your home if it is also in stucco. Many prefabricated outdoor kitchens come in stucco and can be ordered to match the interior of your home, to provide visual continuity. This can also be professionally applied for best results.

Stone countertops

The countertops for many of these are just as creative and they include products such as tile and granite, which can be chosen by you for that ultimate customization. There are many styles of granite countertops, and because the outdoor kitchen area is relatively small, the cost is not as much as many would think. These material options are all intended to be low maintenance and very durable to handle all the elements that weather can provide.

Get Ready For Spring

Outdoor kitchens are quickly installed, and can be done just in time for spring. There is no better way to improve the look of your yard than by having an inviting area that makes friends and family feel welcomed. Entertaining in the outdoors is a great way to celebrate the beautiful flowers, buzzing bees and fresh air that we all enjoy. Dress your new outdoor kitchen up with baskets of flowers, and prepare side treats of fruit and sun tea.

If you are interested in your own outdoor kitchen, then visit BuildDirect for free samples and ideas on tile, countertops, and patio furnishings.

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