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Pop Culture, Pop Art, and Interior Design

pop art daisies

You don’t have to be Andy Warhol to decorate your home with pop culture items and icons. Pop Culture items can really add pizazz to a room that requires a bit of spicing up.

Pop culture art that resonates with you

Your home doesn’t have to look like a Hard Rock Cafe either but it hay help to visit a restaurant to look for some inspiration. Many of these restaurants will integrated all kinds of paraphernalia into their interior design. Programs, photos, and posters often adorn their walls and such decorations work wonders for providing a visual flair.

This is another chance for you to express your personality, and invest in your space by using the tones, textures, and shapes of pop culture, like vintage commercial art for instance, that really resonate with you.

Andy Warhol, and introducing pop art to your home

Warhol was the artist who most popularized pop art. This particular art movement put forth the notion that people were more familiar with celebrities and everyday items and he used Campbell’s Soup cans, famous movie stars, and even movie characters such as Dracula in his paintings and various other forms. This evoked a sense of comfort to people, and (again) provided miles of personality when it was made into art. That’s what pop art is all about!

The great thing about pop art like this is that you can make it yourself. Get those old copies of Vanity Fair, or People magazine, scissors, a scanner, some art materials, and a few frames. Put them together and be famous for fifteen minutes in your own personalized space!

How to pick pop art and placement

There are a number of ways that one can integrate pop culture and pop art into the décor of a room. And, no, it does not have to look gaudy. Music fans can hang replica gold albums on their walls, movie aficionados might hang classic posters, and individuals who love characters from popular culture might enjoy placing replica statues or figurines in various spots in a room. Think Homer Simpson doesn’t belong on your mantelpiece with a donut in his hand? Think again.

And this is not to mention the Muppet’s Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.

What you do not want to do is place things around the room randomly, or in a jumble. Nor do you want to mix and match from different aspects of pop culture that are not connected by a theme. This will look disorganized and lack any aesthetic value. Think about making the art you choose as a focal point to your interior design as a whole, or as contrast to other elements. That way, the whimsy and comfort doesn’t get in the way of overall style.

Records and musical imagery

Record albums are a good choice and depending on if you have old LP’s around, you could start by spraying those with gold spray paint. Sound cheap? Well it is. But, the effects you’re after will be just the same.

When it comes to that classic, retro-aethetics factor, consider the artistry of the classic Blue Note label, even if you aren’t a big jazz fan. This was a record company that understood the importance of class and aesthetics when it came to record album covers.

But, again, this is a chance to express  your own personality. The above example is just an example. Choose some music you love, and find some images that make sense for your space, and for your life. Check your local second-hand record shops or jumble stores. These locations can be a treasure-trove of musical and pictoral goodness!

Movie posters

There are so many choices for movie posters and its best to pick and stick with a theme be it science fiction, horror or adventure. Classic movie posters for Casablanca and Citizen Kane are great choices, just because of how familiar they are culturally.  But, sometimes the images are perfect, whether you’re a fan of the film in question or not. This is especially true of vintage movie posters, most of which were illustrated, rather than photographed.

Pop culture figurines

If it’s figures you are looking for, they are easily ordered via the Internet. Figures can be purchased at any number of retail stores or if you want something of higher quality, visit the website of your favorite TV Show and see what is available. Think about your childhood, or some pop culture figure in your past that brings you that sense of comfort (Warhol style!). There’s bound to be a figurine out there that makes sense in your space.

Pop culture art is about comfort, whimsy, and personality

The great thing about pop art, and pop culture imagery, is that there really is something out there for everyone. It’s a way to incorporate a sense of whimsy, irony, and even nostalgia into your space. It’s also a way to contrast your serious, practical side, with your sense of the absurd, your admiration of past eras, or the feelings of childhood wonder that can be difficult to remember in a busy, grown-up life.

When your space helps you to tie together the threads of your life, you know you’re really onto something!

Cate Morgan-Harlow

Cate Morgan-Harlow is an all arounder, writing about how-to, DIY, and design with gusto. She is a shadowy figure with a mysterious past.

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