Porcelain Tile Or Natural Stone: An Infographic

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Porcelain tile or natural stone tile? They’re used in many of the same locations in the home and in commercial spaces. But, which one should you go with? 


For hallways, kitchen floors, bathrooms, basements, mud rooms, and on and on, both porcelain tile and stone tile are widely trusted as durable and long-lasting surfaces. But, which one makes the most sense in your particular context? To answer that question, here’s an infographic to consult as you make your choice.

Porcelain Tile Or Natural Stone

Your choice?

Given what you’ve read above, how would you make a decision between porcelain tile or natural stone?

What areas in your home might one be a better candidate over another?

What characteristics would you personally look for in a tile surface in those spaces?

What are some of the dealbreakers for you with one option or the other?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this porcelain tile or natural stone post.

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