Porcelain Tile That Looks Like A Wood Floor Surface

Twenty-First Century design and the trends we’re seeing are all about taking visual ideas from all kinds of traditions and eras, and making them a part of our spaces. What we’re really after is quoting our cultural inheritance from times past and using it to reflect our needs and our personalities.

Besides that basic approach, one of the undeniable balances to be struck when planning to transform a space of any kind is between what looks great, and what will work. This involves a lot of imagination on our part as homeowners. But, it also involves an evolving skill for innovation on the part of manufactures of building materials, too.

One of the most popular innovations we’ve seen that encapsulates all of this is wood grain porcelain tile; tile that looks like a wood floor.

Kaska label wood grain porcelain series (maple) from BuildDirect.

Besides the attention to detail to be found in this strain of porcelain tile, the fact that porcelain is waterproof is a very big deal. Water, or really any kind of moisture, is the number one enemy of the wood floor. You can see the advantages, then.

Wood grain porcelain tile boldly goes where wood floors (shouldn’t) have gone before

If you’re looking to make over your bathroom, laundry room, or screened in porch area into a warm, wood surfaced area that isn’t exactly fully welcome to a wood floor, then a wood grain pattern in a porcelain tile opens up all kinds of design possibilities.

We’ve written about porcelain wood grain tile advantages on this blog before of course. But, since the last time we mentioned it, various style of wood grain floor have emerged. Now, you can get various nuances of wood grain in a porcelain tile, apart from the “clear grade” wood grains we saw when these kinds of products first came out.

Porcelain tile that looks like wood in any design tradition

Rustic patterning, for that earthy Arts & Crafts-style visual effect in your interiors, or even the neo-Victorian steampunk aesthetic that relies on organic wood surfacing can be added to a space, without having to worry about the more practical considerations presented by real wood.

We’ve recently launched a line of rustic wood grain porcelain tile on BuildDirect’s Salerno label. This is porcelain tile that presents long board style that many look for in a traditional wood floor in order to create fluidity in a space.



And of course, we’re still finding that our Kaska porcelain wood grain tile is helping to strike that balance between visual effect, and the more practical side of things when it comes to moisture, and location.

When it comes to creating an interior design effect, and not worrying too much about how the materials will fare physically in a space, there are always options!



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