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Positivity and Interior Design: Deliberate Happiness at Home

How do you add a positive design into your interior space?

Most of us could use a bit more positive energy in our lives. One of the easiest ways to make this happen is to make changes to your home that better reflect who you are, where you’ve been, where you’re headed, or perhaps where you’d like to be headed.

Your memorabilia. photos, artwork and souvenirs

We often fill up our homes with sentimental reminders of good times from our past; photo albums filled with pictures of your family, an arts-and-crafts item that your child made or a souvenir from an exotic trip.

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Instead of keeping them in a closet or drawer somewhere, so you can look at fondly when you want to reminisce, why not do something with it? Put those old photos into a new picture frame; even better, scan them and turn them into a framed poster or coffee table book. Get hold of an actual book-case and display your favorite tomes, rather than leaving them stuffed in drawers or propping up tables.

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make it your own with little accents like personalized oven mitts, towels, plates and bowls. Express yourself (and at the same time, maybe use this opportunity to get rid of some of the other clutter that really doesn’t represent you at all anymore).

Light up a room

Particularly in winter, low light can be a bit of a downer. Increase the positive energy in your home by looking at recess lighting, halogen lights, table lamps – or even an overhead skylight. That said, you don’t actually have to add light to light up a room — switching to a brighter shade of paint or wallpaper works just fine.

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Don’t worry. Be quirky

You know all of those home decorating magazines, websites and brochures are guidelines, right? They’re supposed to give you ideas – but it’s up to you to figure out how much of your own personality you want to express. Worried that your friends aren’t going to “get” your beanbag sofa or your rubber-ducky soap dispensers? Remember, you’re making this place more positive for you first, then company second.

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And you never know; while you’re bringing a little quirky joy into your life, your company may feel encouraged to come along for the ride!

Stimulate all of your senses with little touches

Spice-scented air freshener for the dining room. Ocean-breeze smelling soaps that look like seashells. Potpourri next to the sink. Decorations on the mantle. These nice little touches don’t just make your home that much nicer – they’re a welcome reminder that your place is welcoming for you, too.

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Embrace change in your home

Make little changes to keep things fresh. Consider bigger changes, like renovations, if you’re thinking about exploring new aspects of yourself; say, preparing a home office to get creative projects done, or adding a back porch just to enjoy the summer season in a comfortable setting.

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Think about landscaping your lawn or garden and how that can complement the positive changes you’re making inside the house. This doesn’t have to be an expensive project. In some cases, it’s accessories that can make all the difference.

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Happy and “positive” depends on you

Keep in mind that a lot of what is “positive” is subjective and personal, so make changes that will be meaningful for you and your family; let your home tell a happy story. And remember that the happiest of happy stories are the ones that are truly our own.

Cate Morgan-Harlow

Cate Morgan-Harlow is an all arounder, writing about how-to, DIY, and design with gusto. She is a shadowy figure with a mysterious past.

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