Practical Wood Flooring Can Be Artful Too

Hey Good People – Rob here.

Traditional wood flooring. It’s not only a kind of floor covering, it’s also like an institution, a gold standard. Yet, there are negative connotations to this too. One of them is that wood flooring may be long-lasting, and it may add structural strength and value to a property. But, cutting edge? In the minds of many consumers, not so much.

Yet, this is a misconception. There are plenty of wood flooring choices that diverge from the norm, and actually add visual spark to a project too. So, when installers and interior designers speak the words ‘wood flooring’, the word ‘traditional’ isn’t always necessary.

Wood Flooring in a stylish roomTake a look at Eva’s Designs. There’s a post on her blog there about how a type of wood flooring – zebra hardwood flooring – has made an impression on Eva, who is an interior designer by day, and an oil painter by night. She’s clearly interested in visual effects in general. And where many turn to wood flooring for all kinds of practical reasons, Eva is clearly interested in the aesthetic ones, ones that bring out modern style sensibilities, and communicate something about a modern lifestyle and a sense of artistry.

To me, this underscores the point of how versatile wood flooring is. Visually, it can be rustic, and sophisticated in equal measure. It all depends on what your taste is, yet wood flooring seems to fit in nearly any vision for interior design, while the practical stuff like the strength and longevity for which wood flooring is famous does it’s magic as a bonus – and what a bonus. Wood flooring doesn’t have to be the staid, austere choice that many people think it is. Just because something is practical, it doesn’t mean it can’t also be cool



Stylish room scene courtesy of JL!

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