Preparing For a Remodel: The Basics

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Home remodelling is an exciting, costly, energizing, and stressful pursuit. Here are some basics on home remodel planning to consider.


So, you’re planning a remodel for the first time. Remodeling is very exciting, but it also has its stressful moments. The good news is that you can do a lot to alleviate the potential stress of remodeling so you can focus on your home’s new look. Make a plan, do your research, and get started!

Hire professionals

Even the savviest DIYer can’t do everything. Whether you’ve got time constraints or simply don’t know how to install plumbing or do electrical wiring, hiring professionals is a great way to take stress off your plate. If you can afford it, the right professional will make everything a lot easier on you.

For more involved jobs, often it’s a case of not affording not to hire a pro. Considering that thought is a great place to start when it comes to planning a budget.

Do your research

Design ideas, materials, usability, and outside help are only a few of the things you need to consider before beginning a remodeling project. While research can be daunting, especially given the amount of advice available on the Internet, you’ll feel better when you begin the remodel if you’ve already done your research.

Look into the people you’re thinking of hiring, truthfully assess your budget, check the neighborhood and market, and make all big design decisions before you begin.

Renovate in stages

Don’t gut several rooms all at once. If you focus on keeping the space as livable as possible while you renovate, that may just cut down on your stress. For example, don’t do the whole bathroom at once if you can’t stay in a hotel or if your house doesn’t have another bathroom.

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Renovating in stages isn’t for everyone, but it’s something to consider, especially if you can’t leave your house while you remodel. Stages give you the ability to stop mid-project if you find budgetary concerns you didn’t expect, rather than leaving a room half-finished.

Create back-up plans

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You may be planning to have an unusable kitchen for a month while you remodel. Unfortunately, things go wrong and can take longer than you expected. Have a contingency plan in place, so you’re not stressed and scrambling for a solution when it turns out your kitchen will be out of commission for three months instead of one. Then, if you end up not needing your backup plan, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Protect your valuables

A lot can happen during a remodel. Prevent anything valuable from being broken or damaged by putting all of these things away before you start. It’ll give you peace of mind as people come in and out of your house carrying power tools and large new appliances. Even if the valuables aren’t near the area being renovated, if they’re in a room that’ll be getting any traffic at all, put them away.

Planning ahead

Planning ahead saves you considerable stress while you’re remodeling. Of course, even the most detailed planning can’t protect you from unforeseen events, so having a good team of professionals on your side will help immensely. So will remodeling in small stages. Remodeling is an exciting time, so enjoy this new stage in owning a home as much as you can!


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