Preparing for Bad Winter Weather At Home

Preparing for winter weather can seem like a daunting task. Weather conditions can change quickly and winter storms may knockout power to your home. If this does happen you need to be prepared on how to deal with the consequences that cold weather can cause.

Checking Weather Forecasts

Though you can’t stop cold weather from coming, you can prepare for it in advance by listening to weather forecasts. Weather forecasts should be accurate and localized for your region. If cold weather and storm conditions are on the way, check your emergency supplies and be sure you are ready for when the weather hits.

Find out how your community warns the public about severe weather as well. It could be by radio or television.
If extreme temperatures happen during the winter months where you live, place an easy-to-read thermometer at an outdoor location where you will see it frequently and check the temperature often during the winter months.

Using your fireplace

If you are without your furnace due to loss of electricity, that unused fireplace you have may come in handy. If you plan to use a fireplace or wood stove for emergency heating, have your chimney or flue inspected each year and make sure it is clean.

You should already have smoke detectors installed in your home, but if you plan to use your fireplace make sure one is near the fireplace as well.

Weatherproof your Home

Weatherproofing your home is another way to keep the heat in and the cold
out. Before the winter weather hits, be sure to check and make sure that:

• Your walls and attic are insulated.
• You have caulk and weather-stripping on doors and windows.
• You install storm windows or cover windows with plastic from the inside.
• Insulate any water lines that run along outer walls (water will be less likely to freeze).

Home Emergency Kit

A home emergency kit is an essential part of preparing for storms, natural
disasters and other unforeseen events. You should also have a number of
items in the kit including the following:

• Food items including canned food, ready-to-eat meals, or
• high-energy foods such as chocolate or energy bars.
• Enough drinking water for your entire family for at least 72 hours
• Baby food and formula (if baby in the household)
• Prescription drugs and other medicine
• First-aid kit
• Flashlight and extra batteries
• Battery-powered lamps or lanterns.

Now you’re ready! Enjoy some winter fun in the snow

Winter can be fun time, full of holidays and outdoor activities. Just make sure you’re prepared for when the cold hits so the good times can keep coming.

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