Pretty In Prints: 5 Ways to Add Prints and Patterns to Your Décor


There’s nothing to fear when it comes to adding bold prints and patterns to your home’s décor. From multi-color motifs on your throw pillows to wallpaper that takes a walk on the wild side, patterns are quickly becoming the new black. With bold décor in mind, here are five ways to liven up your home with prints and patterns.

1. Breakup the monotony

If you’re dealing with white walls, white curtains, and white linens in every room of your house, then it’s time to break up the monotony. To introduce some bold patterns within the space, you’ll first need to choose a paint color that’ll add a little life to your walls.

The paint color doesn’t have to shock with its boldness, but it does need to tie in with the patterns you’ll use in the rest of the space. Choosing geometric patterns or updated paisley prints with your curtains and linens will breathe new life into a ghostly white room – just make sure the patterns complement your new paint color.

2. Make room-to-room changes

Even bold patterns and prints can become monotonous if you use the same designs from room-to-room. To really liven up your home’s décor, don’t be afraid to use different traditional patterns from one room to the next throughout your house.

Chevron accessories in your living room and nature prints in your dining room are great ways to add depth to the space, and they’ll never get boring. Just remember to keep your color palette complementary or else it could end up looking like a clashing nightmare.

3. Optimize the space with accessories

Accessories like striped curtains and geometric patterned throw pillows are a great way to add prints and patterns to the rooms in your home without painting and wallpapering. But, if you do have an existing color palette, just make sure the accessories fit with the décor that’s already there.

In addition, it’s important to choose accessories with patterns and prints that don’t take away from the rest of the big-ticket accessories already present. In other words, if you have a striped couch, choose paisley print throw pillows as opposed to more stripes or you might drown the space in lines.

4. Take it one room at a time

The great thing about updating your home’s décor with patterns and prints is that you don’t have to do every room at once. Since your patterns will likely change from room-to-room, if you work your way through your house one room at a time, you can take your time discovering which prints will work best with adjoining rooms.

5. Wallpaper dominant walls

A little wallpaper goes a long way, especially if you use bold wallpaper prints and patterns like geometric lace. But, before you go wallpapering geometric patterns on every available wall, remember that applying wallpaper to one dominant wall in the room will have an all-encompassing effect.

When you’re ready to turn the monotonous rooms of your home into exciting spaces, try the bold print and pattern ideas above and you’ll never go the boring décor route again.


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