Pros and Cons of Installing Marble Flooring in Your Kitchen

Marble is one of the most elegant materials on the planet. Typically reserved for high-end home designs, you’re not alone if you’re dreaming of adding marble to your home during a remodel. Like any building material, there are pros and cons to installing marble flooring in your kitchen.

Use this guide to learn more about the pros and cons of marble flooring before making a final decision for your home.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Marble Kitchen Floors?

Marble is a gorgeous, natural material that’s incredibly durable. That natural beauty and the long-term appeal of marble are among the top benefits that homeowners enjoy when installing it in their homes. On the downside, marble can be costly, uncomfortable and hard to maintain perfectly.

Keep reading to learn more about specific pros and cons of installing marble flooring in your kitchen.

Pros of Marble Kitchen Floors

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Marble has an enduring beauty and timeless charm that never falls out of fashion. Here are some of the pros of marble kitchen floors:

•   Marble comes in a wide variety of different hues and designs. This allows you to create the look you want for your kitchen whether you’re building from the ground up or remodeling around existing fixtures and finishes.

•   Marble is a natural material that comes from the earth. It is not made in a factory or constructed using VOCs or other potentially problematic materials.

•   It can increase your property value. Homes with marble may have a higher resale value than those that don’t since marble is considered a high-end material. Replacing older materials like laminate or linoleum will almost certainly increase your resale value.

•   Marble will last for many years. It does require basic maintenance, but marble is a strong material that shouldn’t need to be replaced any time soon.

Cons of Marble Kitchen Floors

Marble kitchen floors are strong, sturdy and stylish, but there are some downsides to installing marble in your space. Here are some of the cons of marble kitchen floors:

•   Marble is costly. Considerably more expensive than other tile materials, marble can really run up the price tag on your kitchen renovation.

•   It’s not scratch or stain resistant. While sealed marble will repel water, scratches and stains do pose a threat. You’ll need to stay vigilant about cleaning and caring for your marble, especially as it gets older.

•   It can be slippery. In wet kitchen spaces, marble can become slippery in a hurry. Active cooks and homes with kids and pets may require rugs or mats in high-traffic areas.

•   Marble can feel hard underfoot. What makes marble durable also makes it very unforgiving and hard under your feet. It can also be cold in the winter months.

Other Tile Options That Replicate the Look of Marble

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Spending a small fortune on marble isn’t in the cards for everybody. It may not give you the feel you want or be safe in a space with kids, either. Here are some tile options that can help you replicate the look of marble:

•   Porcelain tile. Ideal for kitchens, porcelain tile is strong and designed to repel water. Porcelain is rugged enough for high-traffic spaces like busy family kitchens and comes in tons of different marble-look designs.

•   Ceramic tile. Strong, but more prone to water damage than porcelain, ceramic is another option for your kitchen. You’ll need to ensure that spills are taken care of quickly, however.

•   Quartz. A popular alternative to marble, quartz tile is a composite material typically made from natural quartz, resin, sand, crushed glass and coloring. Quartz is strong and can give you a uniquely refined design.

•   Vinyl and laminate flooring. Cost-effective and durable, vinyl and laminate flooring come in a range of designs that can approximate the look of natural marble. The feel is different underfoot, but many prefer the softer nature of vinyl and laminate in high-traffic spaces like their kitchen.

Get Your Marble Flooring From BuildDirect

A brilliant choice for any kitchen, marble is a durable, beautiful material that will stand the test of time in your home. Reach out to our trained representatives today so we can help you find the right marble tile for your space. We can even send you free samples so you can see what your options look like in your kitchen.

Shopping for a marble alternative? We can help you find materials like porcelain and ceramic tile today.

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