PVC Decking

The “hot” new product hitting the market this year is PVC decking.  Azek, Timber Tech and Trex have all launched products in the last year and have extensive distribution for their products.  They are also being carried by a large number of dealers betting on this addressing a large customer need.

While this take up with sellers is evident, what remains to be seen is whether the hype behind the category leads to sales and growth of the non-wood category, cannibalization of composite sales or develops as a niche product.  With a price point that is anywhere from 20-100% higher than most composites, PVC decking really is a different product from composites and being aimed at a very different customer who would typically build their deck with pressure treated lumber.

While not exactly new, as vinyl product have been on the market for several years (Introduction of Quadra Decking in 2006), vinyl’s time may be here given some of the frustration seen with composites: primarily fading and staining.  Addressing these concerns will build credibility not only for the PVC category, but may also address some of the damage sustained to the non-wood category due to the inital issues faced by composite.

I came across an article from Professional Deck Builder online which gives an overview of some of the PVC products out there: Professional Deck Builder: PVC Decking.  It gives an overview of some of the product announcements for 2008.

If you have experience with PVC Decking, let me know how it’s worked for you.  The feedback I have heard so far has been incredibly positive.

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