Re-finishing hardwood flooring: keep it clean!

Hey Folks- Rob here.

Renovations can be messy. So, here’s a link to an article about keeping your home clean and free of dust during those times when you’re in the process of transforming a space. The article concentrates on drywall, but I think the advice can also apply to hardwood flooring.Sanding hardwood flooring

This type of advice can come in handy, especially when you’re re-finishing hardwood floors. It’s noisy, messy, but worth doing correctly. And this is not just about making sure that your new unfinished hardwood floors, or the old ones which you’re refinishing, are sanded so that they’ll properly absorb the finish you’ll be applying. It’s also about trying to minimize the presence of dust in general for air quality and general cleanliness as you work.

A couple of important points the article covers which can be applied to re-finishing hardwood floors is:

  • Whenever possible, completely seal off the room in which you’ll be sanding
  • Rent the right equipment, including a sander which includes a vacuum attachment to minimize dust while the sanding process is underway
  • Keep your equipment in a specific area when not in use
  • Wear coveralls that you can remove after you’ve finished working, and keep it with your other equipment
  • Keep the air moving – use fans in your space, and open the windows. It might help to turn off your central air, to avoid any dust particles circulating in other areas of your property too

Just a few pointers when re-finishing hardwood floors, folks – I hope they, and the attached article, are helpful.



Sanding hardwood flooring image courtesy of Meja Design

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