Re-Thinking Your Staircase

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Staircases in the home are an often overlooked piece of interior design as they provide functionality first and style second. However, like many other aspects of decor, they are in need of updates to conform to the latest fads or add your own bit of creativity. If you plan on updating your staircase in the near future, here are a few simple tips to follow that will make your staircase a focal point of your home.

1. Think outside the norm

While updating your steps is a process that is easy or difficult depending on the size of the task, if you’re willing to go hard, then perhaps you’ll go to the extreme. Nearly every home has a very traditional staircase, but do a little research and you’ll find other options, such as a spiral staircase or a floating staircase. The floating staircase, which features stairs mounted on the wall, are aesthetically pleasing and modern while the spiral gives your interior a royal, grandiose feel.

2. Style with tile

Using tile on your wooden staircase adds a chic element, where the type of tile you choose sets the mood. Many modern homes add decorative tile to both interior and exterior staircases to give the home a “Mediterranean” style appearance. Other color schemes with the tile gives the staircase a unique appearance. Before installing the tile, check to see that your stairs are flat, level, and can withstand the weight of the tile.

3. Transition to carpeted stairs

If you currently have a wooden staircase, perhaps it’s time to make a clean break and go with carpeted stairs. The first benefit of this is that the stairs aren’t horrendously cold in the winter, which is a nuisance for many. Carpeting also adds a bit of color to the room as well as increased functionality. Essentially, carpeted stairs last longer as they lessen the blow of continual traffic, thus combining looks with practicality.

4. Add some lighting

You don’t necessarily have to rip out your whole staircase to update it. Simple additions give immediate appeal, such as lighting. To add lighting to the stairs, simple drill holes or patterns into the wooden staircase. From there, head to your local lighting or hardware store and pick up some LED lighting fixtures and install the lights underneath the staircase. Another bonus of this lighting is you can see when it’s dark, and LED lights last up to 20 years.

5. Get out the paint

While the previously mentioned ideas require a bit of handiwork expertise, painting does not. No matter what your style, there’s a painting scheme that has you covered. Do some brainstorming and you’ll find some ideas, such as painting the stairs like piano keys or the colors of the rainbow.

While the staircase serves a practical purpose, it also highlights the entryway of your home. So there’s no better way to catch attention and praise from friends and family by updating it using your own sense of creativity.


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