Real Wood Floors and Easy Installation

Turning for a moment back to the product side of things on this little blog of ours, and with a recent product launch of ours in mind, I thought I’d talk a bit about the idea of easy installations and real wood floors.

glueless-click-oak-engineered-hardwood-floorsTraditionally, the installation of real wood floors has assumed a level of competence so as to make it an activity strictly for the professionals.  From a solid hardwood standpoint, I think this is still the case.  You’ll want to get a professional to help you with solid boards, just because the cost of hiring them offsets the cost of cutting errors in the short term, and any number of oversights the inexperienced installer can make that lead to long-term problems.

The introduction of laminate flooring has alleviated a lot of the headaches when it comes to installation, of course.  This is as true for the professional as it is for the DIYer.   But, as far as laminate flooring technology has come (and it has come very far, even in the last five years), a lot of homeowners/commercial property owners are still looking for the feel of real wood.

The good news is that even as laminate has evolved, so has engineered hardwood flooring.  One of the most recent developments ‘glueless click’ engineered floors, which makes the installation of  real wood floors as easy as installing laminate floors.   This is good news for everyone.  It opens up the options for easy installations for DIYers looking to save the cost of hiring a professional.  For those who just want the look of real wood, without the time to install it themselves, it makes for a less intrusive installation period because it takes less time to install.  And the professional who is hired has greater turnover from one job to the next.  Everybody wins.

I think there is a misconception among consumers about flooring in that it’s a commodity item that doesn’t change much.  But, the technologies that make for more robust products with the end user and the professional installer in mind are constantly moving forward. This adds ‘ease’ to the big benefits of look and function.



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