Reasons to Use Travertine Tile and Pavers

Travertine is an ancient material, literally used to build an empire. The ancient Romans counted on travertine as a key building material. And even today, travertine tile and pavers are used to bring some of that imperial beauty and longevity into homes and public spaces all over the world.

Our friends at Arcadian Home Decor, in this guest post, help to outline some common, and visually striking examples, of why you should consider using travertine tile and pavers in your own interior and exterior spaces.


If you’re stuck for home decor ideas on how to re-tile or redo your floors, consider travertine tile and pavers. Travertine is a sedentary rock: a type of limestone. It is one of the most popular types of building material used today, even many famous buildings use it – Ludwig Mies van Der Rohe’s Farmsworth House and the Willis Tower in Chicago were both built using travertine.

It’s also an excellent tile for both indoor/outdoor applications because it is heat resistant and it is naturally non-slip. Imagine your new home with kitchen floors re-tiled in travertine that opens up to your backdoor patio, also in travertine. Other ideas include tiling an indoor fountain or perhaps a fireplace mantel, or the entranceway to your door. It’s that versatile!

Travertine is modern and timeless at the same time

Navona light travertine tile

Buildings throughout Europe have been built with travertine, but look how modern this tile is. You’ll often find that travertine is available in a wide variety of beiges, tans, creams and white. This is the natural color of the stone, and it will vary in color, depending on its source.

Travertine pavers for indoor and outdoor surfaces

Travertine pavers outdoor dining area

Tuscany walnut travertine pavers

Here, travertine tile is used in an outdoor dining area. This is a more traditional setting and while the tile may not be directly exposed to the elements of water and sunlight, it will hold up beautifully to wind and foot traffic.

Travertine as a contrasting surface for outdoor living

Travertine Art Files

Travertine tile outdoors. Photo: Design Shuffle

Here’s another creative design idea: using travertine tile underneath your porch or veranda. These tiles complement the accent chairs and tables – perfect for an outdoor seating area.

Travertine tile in bathrooms

Travertine tile bathroom

Meandros light travertine tile

This stone here, seen in this simple, tranquil bathroom is quite beautifully lain.

Travertine pavers for sumptuous outdoor settings

Tuscany Riviera Gold travertine pavers

Tuscany Riviera Gold travertine pavers

Here is a truly gorgeous example of the versatility of travertine tile. This particular set of travertine tile has a sunny, gold-like hue and is actually ideal for surrounding pools because of its heat resistance. That means that, even in the bright sunshine, the stones won’t get too hot to walk on. Don’t you hate that?

As you can see, travertine is one of the hottest building materials to use right now. Its look is classic, timeless and clean, and it holds up in most conditions, making it an ideal building material.



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