Reclaimed American walnut hardwood for flooring

Hey Good People – Rob here.

Being the sentimental fellow that I am, I came across this story of childhood innocence, school days gone by, and reclaimed American walnut hardwood.

Walnut treeThe article specifically talks about a tree on the grounds of a public school which was to be removed to make way for a construction of a new driveway. When Rick Paid, a former student of the school, discovered it was to be removed, he knew that he could immortalize the tree not only in his memories, but for use as flooring, cabinetry, and furniture, his line of business.

Part of what motivated Rick was the quality of the American walnut wood and the reliability of the species for use in flooring and other applications. But another motivation proved to be his own memories. Once again, the point is proven that building materials, wood flooring and others, aren’t just commodities. They have the ability to make history in people’s lives. In the case of this story about reclaiming the wood, it’s also a story about reclaiming a part of someone’s childhood.

And this of course is not to mention the great practice of making sure that natural resources continue to have a life, where in times gone by, they would have been discarded. Once again, there is a direct link between green building practices and old fashioned initiative.

Unrelated to all of this I have a tree story of my own, folks. There was an oak tree that still remains standing on the grounds of my old school, Sunningdale Public School back in Oakville Ontario. One day near the end of the school year in second grade, we put on a play under that tree for our class. It was just something we dreamed up that caught our teacher’s attention (mostly because it didn’t include superheroes, which was our main source of inspiration when putting on plays up until then…). Our play was about a prince, whose father had been killed by the prince’s brother, and the father’s spirit comes to warn him of treachery.

Our second grade teacher was astounded, and we didn’t really know why, as pleased as we were. How were we to know that we’d just performed Hamlet (or pretty close to it) under that old oak tree?



Walnut tree image courtesy of Val Ann

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