Redneck Tree Houses

Part of your Rite of Passage as a child is constructing a tree house or clubhouse with your own bare hands; no formal training or fancy materials, and just daydreams as your blueprint. The gallery below is kind of like that, except the builders were most likely capable adults with lots of vision and little know-how.

The House that Drunks Built

Maybe the folks that built this haphazard tree house are qualified and licensed contractors by day; however, this appears as if it was built at night – after plenty of Uncle Buck’s moonshine. Just imagine the conversation that persuaded the others that the hub cab tied to a rope was good enough to act as a load-bearing wall.

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A Truck in a Tree

Don’t ask how he got the truck up in the tree – in fact don’t ask questions at all – all you need to know is that this man’s man has a 52” barrel chest, an athletic stance, and a Members Only truck in a tree that he will protect with his life. Must love Merle Haggard and Marlboro to enter!

High Above the Pole Tops

When the river waters start to rise over the banks, most residents aren’t prepared for the disaster ahead – except this Boy Scout. By perching a metal mobile trailer high upon a telephone pole, he’s created a tree house that doubles as a refuge from would-be rising water. Now, when a lightning storm hits, that’s a different set of problems…

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HoneyBucket House

Rather than judge this redneck tree house too harshly, let’s offer praise to the visionary. After all, what most people saw as a lowly porta john, this crafty country boy saw as a prefabricated man cave; complete with 4 sturdy walls, a window and a ventilation system for when boys will be boys. Bravo for your resourcefulness!

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Junkyard Jalopy

This arborist architect has obviously adopted the green movement and its emphasis on recycled materials. In fact, they clearly avoided the cost of new lumber (and zoning licenses) by taking the trash that would have been thrown in the city dump and instead, threw it in a tree – letting everything stay where it landed.

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Tree House Trapeze

Look! It’s a highflying trapeze act! No, that’s a tree house. As brilliant and beautiful as it might be at the circus, you know you’ve built a sketchy tree house when part of your design implements a safety net. Warning, falling children present.

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Treetop High-Rise

As redneck as this might appear and as much as the neighbors might complain about this tree house high-rise looming in their backyard, kudos to the brave souls that climbed the length of these trees to make this happen – not only was a fear of heights not an option but imagine carrying each piece of scrap lumber up by hand.

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Tree … Bench?

Part of the point of a tree house is to provide your self some room to roam but that must not have been a priority for this redneck perch – this crudely set bench-in-a-tree seems to be more of a drinking stoop than a functional tree house. To each their own!

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Forest Fortress

While the rest of the redneck tree houses above are rag-tag at best, let this structure stand as one of the more impressive feats of back-country construction. Reminiscent of something straight off of the set of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (with Kevin Costner), this homemade tree house would be more accurately described as a fortress than a house.

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