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Add a mirror, add plenty of personality to your room. Here’s a look at some current mirror trends.


I don’t especially enjoy mirrors. Maybe I prefer examining myself inwardly rather than outwardly, but I don’t spend a lot of time looking at myself in the looking glass. But it doesn’t mean that mirrors aren’t great to have around… whether to pluck your eyebrows or check a tie knot or to match an outfit.

But mirrors can also be useful and vibrant accessories in any room, no matter if people will look at themselves in them or not. And if you’re looking to add some space and light to your decor, a mirror is a great choice. They are more than functional items; they can serve at the focus object in a room or add tons of personality to your space.

Let’s have a look at some of the current mirror trends we’re seeing these days.

The statement mirror

In an otherwise sparse and minimal decor, a mirror can serve as a bold, central statement that attracts all the attention.

Beach Style Powder Room by Northport Architects & Building Designers ADL III Architecture

This is a case of “how can you not”? This mirror encased in driftwood is the central feature of this beach-style bathroom. And I’m sure the DIYers among you are already thinking about how to replicate this for your own use.

Transitional Living Room by Toronto Architects & Building Designers Jennifer Worts Design Inc.

This is another kind of statement mirror: more design, sleeker, and yet no less a statement. It gets the central spot above the fireplace, and the circular shapes balance the rectangles in the rest of the room.

Mirrors in frames

The truth is, all humans are a piece of exquisite art.

Well, with framed mirrors, you can now make this a reality in the world too–look at yourself every morning and imagine you’re the Joconde (or the Demoiselles d’Avignon, if that’s more your style).

Eclectic Bathroom by Sandy Media & Bloggers Michelle Hinckley

This classical frame adds weight and importance to an otherwise banal decor element. And the side mirror is just the perfect practical accessory for shaving and other facial care.

Traditional Powder Room by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Annette English

This framing style is more subtle yet just as effective. The subtle color recalls the countertop granite but isn’t too garish or heavy.

This mirror is perfect for framing the landscape of your life!

Lotsa mirrors

If you’re really in love with mirrors, you’re in luck: the “lotsa mirror” trend (my name) will make you really, really happy.

Eclectic Hall by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators bright designlab

Not only does this hall integrate the framed mirror trend, but it is the epitome of lotsa mirrors. There are just so many of them!

Contemporary Hall by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Jarlath Mellett

Although a little more understated, this mirror installation is still within this trend. It gives me the impression of bubbles happily floating along, ready to catch your reflection anytime you feel like smiling. The flowers make it poetic!

Contemporary Bathroom by Adelaide Interior Designers & Decorators One Small Room – OSR Interiors & Building Design

And here’s one last example of the lotsa mirrors: this interestingly eclectic set of four vintage mirrors. I love the different shapes and how they break up an otherwise boring white wall.

Simply mirror

Finally, let me present to you the “simply mirror” trend, which features reflecting areas that simply end: no frames, no embellishment. Just a minimal mirror surface to highlight all your best features, without distraction.

Craftsman Bathroom by Victoria Architects & Building Designers Ryan Hoyt Designs Inc.

This is an entire wall of mirror without frames. It definitely gives this small, length-wise bathroom some depth and extra space. A frame would undercut that effect.

Transitional Powder Room by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Studio William Hefner

Enlargement is also the effect sought by this mirror. This narrow space appears much bigger, thanks to lots of reflective surfaces, including this frameless, wall-to-wall mirror.

Mirror, mirror, tell me…

How shall I use one of you in my next home redesign? I know my office wall could certainly use something to adorn it. With mirror-safe dry-erase pens, I could even use it as a whiteboard!

What about you? Any of these mirror trends catch your eye? Let us know in the comments!

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