Reflecto Seal: Another Way to Beat the Heat

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Did you know that now you can do one more thing to beat the heat?  Don’t just dodge the sunlight, reflect it!

Reflecto Seal is a specialty exterior paint that reflects a portion of the sun’s hot rays, to deflect some of that hot summer heat from creeping into your home.  Reflecto Seal utilizes advanced infrared pigment technology to reduce the surface temperature of your home by up to 25 degrees!  Reflecto Seal increases a surface’s reflectance, which is similar to wearing white, not black, in the hot sun.  As a result, you can save on cooling costs and reduce your carbon footprint, all while maintaining a livable temperature indoors during the summer.  Watch this short Video for more details.


Reflecto Seal National AVI
Reflecto Seal is as easy-to-apply as “standard” paint and is offered in 12 low-sheen colors.

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Since this product was first developed as “swimming pool deck paint,” it’s much higher quality than other exterior paints.  One professional painter with decades of experience described it “as putting armor on your house!” (C.B. Sandoval with Petra Paint Specialists.)

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Reflecto Seal is made with 100% acrylic resins, making it waterproof, flexible, UV stable, and chemically resistant.  In harsh environments, many suggest repainting every 5-7 years.  Reapply only every 15 years to maintain a limited Lifetime Warranty.

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