Reinventing Your Deck With Traditional Porch Swings

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Who doesn’t like to sit in a comfortable porch swing on a hot summer night, sipping a glass of wine and chatting the night away? Porch swings are the ultimate romantic accessories, one of those things that everyone dreams of having the space to own one day.

As living spaces get smaller and our lives get busier, it’s a good idea to leave a little place for relaxation and socialization. The porch swing is the perfect outdoor furniture piece to fulfill these needs. You can lie down with your favorite book and some tea, or invite friends over for drinks under the stars. What could be lovelier? Here are some great examples of porch swings to inspire you.


There’s something very nostalgic about the porch swing. It’s hard not to think of teenage summer days spent lazying about the house, enjoying the weather and having fun with friends. It’s difficult not to imagine ourselves in our golden years, reading the stack of books we always promised ourselves we would when we would have more time. Porch swings define the quiet, happy moments of our lives.

I love this porch swing because of its simplicity. The wood is the same as the porch flooring and door; the single cushion adds just a touch of comfort. This is the perfect spot to wait for the delivery man or for your date to pick you up.

This daybed-sized swing is quite inviting. The rustic touches add to the romantic feel of this space. Note the horizontal shutters (see other great shutter uses) and how the blue trim of the cushions match the paint color of the bed. I would definitely have no problem spending my summer afternoons here!

Here’s another beautifully romantic porch swing. I especially like the thick rope detail, which adds a touch of rusticity to an otherwise contemporary design. I love the dark red color, a bold choice that highlights the same hue in the fabric.


Porch swings can also look sleek and cool when designed with a modern touch.

I love the modern stripe pattern on this gorgeous porch swing. The square wicker furniture and glass table add to the modern effect. I love the thought of adding curtains for privacy or to protect the space from the sun!

How about this sleek porch swing with a modern touch in the plastic chairs and the patterned carpet. I love how this whole space puts together disparate colors in a way that works perfectly.

The monochromatic colors are what makes this porch swing modern. I love how the back of the swing almost melts away into the wall. This is a lovely space to just sit and enjoy a sunny day!

Let’s turn the solitary porch swing into a social space by putting two together. This seems like the best way to encourage conversation when sitting outside on warm days and nights! I love the modern decor elements on the table, which provide an interesting contrast to the surrounding nature.

Although the design isn’t modern per se, I couldn’t resist including this one because of the clever Scrabble cushions. This porch swing definitely invites napping, especially since it’s protected from bugs!

Why do you love porch swings?

If you have a porch swing, what’s your favourite thing about it? Is it the quiet time with a book or the conversations with neighbors? If you don’t have one yet, what would you like your porch swing to be?

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