Remodel Your Bathroom With These Principles In Mind

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Modern bathrooms are low-maintenance, sustainable and bright. See how to do all of this in this article.


Investing in your bathroom is a good idea. Bathrooms are one of the most remodels for homeowners, and it’s also the kind of renovation that adds a lot of value to your home. A clean, bright bathroom can make a big difference in how people perceive the value of your house. And, of course, makes your daily beauty rituals more much enjoyable.

If you want to take full advantage of the money you’re spending to remodel your bathroom, you should work with these three principles:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Space and light

If you rebuild your bathroom with these in mind, you’ll not only have a modern bathroom that’ll bring you joy for years to come, but also a room that will add value to your home, should you decide to sell it down the road.

Let’s have a more detailed look at these principles and some ways to put them into practice.

1. Easy to maintain

Nobody likes to clean a bathroom. I should know, I hired someone to do pretty much just that. So getting easy-to-maintain, mildew- and stain-proof materials for your counters, walls and floors is a smart choice.

For countertops, if stone is your choice, go for quartz rather than marble. Marble is great for a kitchen, but the high humidity levels of a bathroom is not the best environment. Quartz is a strong, durable surface that is non-porous and is very difficult to stain. Non-porous also means that bacteria can’t survive for long on the counter. If you don’t mind visible seams (which happens with marble too) and don’t put your hot iron directly on the surface, quartz is a great choice. Of course, there’s also porcelain tile to consider – also non-porous, and impervious to moisture.

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You should also give some thought to your faucets. Although it’s easy to buy it cheap (it does the same job, right?), a high-quality, durable faucet will actually make a difference in both the look and the value of your bathroom. It also will require less maintenance (those damn washers) and is less likely to leak or drip, saving you water down the line. Modern faucets also save a lot of water (as I discuss below).

You can save yourself a lot of trouble by requesting an anti-stain treatment for your glass shower doors. With a bit of careful maintenance, you can keep those ugly white stains away and prevent yourself hours of scrubbing with harsh chemicals down the road.

2. Energy efficient

With the focus on sustainability in our modern lifestyles, it’s a good thing to plan your bathroom for energy (and water) efficiency.

Consider choosing a low-flow toilet, as well as low-flow faucets and shower heads. Low-flow faucets and shower heads work by adding air to the flow of water, reducing the amount of water needed for the same level of pressure. You won’t even see the difference!

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If you’re also changing your water heater, maybe consider converting to a tankless heater. A tankless heater heats water just when you need it–no more storing it in a tank and keeping all that water warm 24 hours a day. It’ll make a big difference in your energy bill.

Other ways to save energy include using LED lighting and carefully insulating your windows, especially if you live in a northern climate. If you’re worried about the effect of LED lighting, know that with the right kinds of bulbs and covers, you can get the same effect as the warmer incandescent bulbs–and we’re not talking about all the cool, modern stuff you can also do with LEDs!

3. Spacious and bright

We don’t all have access to palatial bathrooms (and maybe that’s a good thing). But we can use decor tricks to make our bathroom light, bright and spacious. It’s important not only for your enjoyment, but also to showcase all the great design choices you made for your bathroom remodel.

Make sure that there’s plenty of natural light by adding windows or skylights. If you’re worried about privacy, you can buy frosted rather than clear glass. There’s this new trend of indoor-outdoor bathrooms where the bath is placed near full, floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding doors, giving you the impression of bathing right in nature.

Bathroom travertine red rug bathtub window

Consider placing different types of lighting for different purposes around the room. Although a single top light works just fine, you can have nice design effects by having a shower light and a vanity light that can be operated separately.

Last but not least, make sure you choose light, reflective surfaces for your counter, walls and floor. These materials will reflect light around the room and help it appear larger and brighter. It’s an old trick, but it still works wonders, especially for smaller bathrooms!

Are you remodeling?

If you’re currently thinking about a bathroom remodel, I hope these principles help you make better decisions about materials and components. Your new bathroom should not only be an enjoyable space, but should also add value to your home. All of these ideas will help achieve both goals.

What have you done in your bathroom recently that follows these principles? Let us know in the comments!


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